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March 3, 2020
Marketing your website

The website is one of the most important of any business growth, and today’s generation spends nearly 6 hours each day online.

Marketing your website depends upon two things – trial and error.  But few common mistakes will stop you from converting trustworthy customers.

1: Slow Loading Speed:

Did you know that even a one-second interruption in page load can relatively affect the conversion rate by up to 20%?  Fast and quick page speed attracts the customers.

So if you want to get the benefit, then focusing one fast page load should be your number one priority.  Google Page Insight is a tool that will help you to understand and measure your website page speed.

Tips to Optimize your small business website speed.

2: Pages that have little or no content:

We are all aware of this that content is a king get brand when it comes to SEO content should be like your best buddy.

Moreover, quality content will help your website rank on Google search engine and, at the same time, will help your site get a quality link.

All you need to do is come up with engaging content to keep your audience glued to it. Educate your audience and drive engagement and traffic.

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3: Too Few or too many links:

Both internal and external linking forms an essential part of the pages. Links help to improve website authority on search engines.

But too many and too few links can make your pages weak and cause distraction. Make sure to have relationships that are of high authority as weak quality links can poorly affect your credibility.

4: When contact information is challenging to locate:

You want more and more people to approach your site and contact you if you want shoppers to increase, but sadly the contact information is hard to find. Always ensure to keep contact information right in front of your page so that viewers get to see it at once glance. For establishing a quick contact try adding a chat service to your website.

5: Insecure Website:

If your pages have HTTP, then shift them to HTTPS. You can create a secure connection on your website by purchasing an SSL certificate.

Ready to launch your online Empire: Small Business Simple SEO Checklist Toronto, Canada – AN ULTIMATE GUIDE

6: Tracking not done accurately:

Ensure that Google Analytics tracking is done precisely on your site.  Make sure that tracking codes are not causing any error.

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7: Poor mobile experience:

Again over half of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Don’t keep coming up with too many pop-ups. When it comes to the mobile site, less is more.
Make sure to optimize your website and meet upon the responsive mobile design for an excellent user experience.

Learn : Tips to make your website Lightweight and Mobile-friendly

8: Essential pages of your website are hidden:

Don’t hide the crucial pages of your website.  Make changes if necessary pages are protected. Add internal links, make sure that each page is just 2 clicks away from the Homepage. If possible get some external links from authority sources.

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9: Poorly organized sitemaps:

HTML and XML sitemap should be organized and optimized correctly. there are plugins to optimize and ease your job.

Learn: Learn to Setup XML Sitemaps and Redirects for Your Small Business website

10: No Reviews:

Reviews form the essential part, which helps in the decision-making process. If you want to increase the conversion rate, then include reviews on your site.

11: Products not placed right in front of the page:

The website should be designed in such a way that all the essential information is pushed up on the pages. The first 3 seconds on each page of your website must be a WOW factor. All this start with choosing how will you build and position your website.

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Already own a website, get a Free Website Audit for a brighter SEO in Canada


Make sure to use these principles if you want to rule in digital marketing.


1: Slow Loading Speed:, 2: Pages that have little or no content:, 3: Too Few or too many links:, 4: When contact information is challenging to locate:, 5: Insecure Website:, seo optimized content writing services in

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