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local seo tips for growth of your small business

Why do you need Local SEO for small business?

The internet is the best place to expand for ​Local businesses, big or small. There are no geographical boundaries to stop you. You can publicize yourself on as many social and digital platforms as possible.

But before you can attract the world with your brilliant product/services published on your website, you need ​Local Search Optimization. Local SEO is a simple yet advanced technique of modifying your website to make it customer-friendly and search engine compatible.

In reality, search engines operate on a specific algorithm. And the websites which follow these algorithms are the ones that show up on the top search results. And this is how local SEO helps you.

​​Through SEO, your website's Search engine compatibility dramatically improves, and your visitors get a better user experience on your site. ​The guide ​helps you nail down all the aspects that your small business needs ​to achieve greater success. ​ We start with the very basics of establishing a small business online. 

1: Domain Selection

Domain Selection Toronto Canada

Domain selection is the first and the most important thing when it comes to taking your small business online. Your domain name is the one thing that your website is recognized. And buying a unique domain name is the first step towards making progress with online marketing.

When someone looks at your website, what is the first thing they see? Your website name! And an attractive name is something that goes a long way in improving your website SEO. Search engine optimization is affected by many factors, and the domain name is one of them. So take a while and select the perfect domain name for your ​small business website.

When it comes to selecting a domain name, you should keep in mind that the name should represent something intimate. It should represent what your ​business is about and be closely associated with your ​small business.  

Not only does it makes things easier for the customers, but it also helps you boost SEO. And with better SEO, a better rank on search results is quite easy.

The domain name has a direct relationship to your ​business performance. For instance, if you are a bakery name likes “bake a cake” or “cakes and bakes,” you are more likely to go along with your website.

​Learn how to find a catchy Domain name for your business.

2: Web Platform Selection

Website Platform Selection for small business in Calgary Canada

Taking your small business online is the one thing that is sure to improve your small business reach. Stepping foot in the online world may be simple, but making it to the top needs a ton of effort. And this should start from the very beginning.

Website platform selection is an important ​aspect when it comes to ​establishing your small business online. There are numerous platforms out there that can help you build a stable and responsive website like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. But you should select the one that is search engine compatible. 

For instance, this page that you are reading is a WordPress based website. Its fast, responsive, and rank on top of search results. If you want to go for an affordable website, look for a WordPress based setup.

For more info on programming languages and website development platforms read this post.

3: Logo and Colour theme

Logo and Colour theme selection for improving website local seo in Toronto

​You have you domain name and a perfect platform to launch it on. What's left to do? Logo! Most people might not realize the importance of a decent Logo.

Logos are of different types. They might be as simple as a single word or a little complicated with icons. And the key to nailing the perfect Logo is to make sure that there is a color and font balance.

​Make sure that that website's theme ​is in perfect sync with the Logo. Palates with lighter colors like- white, aqua, and gold- are sure to attract more customers. Similarly, lighter coloured websites are balanced out by dark or brighter coloured logos.

4: Hire a Website Development Company​

Hire a Website Development Company to make a attractive and responsive website in Toronto Canada

Building a website is a ton of work. And everything should be perfect. Even the smallest things can have a significant impact on your website performance. Therefore it is essential to be cautious while designing your website. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the website should be simple and customer friendly.It should possess easy-to-use options and the latest technologies. It helps engage your customers for a longer duration on your website. 

Thus, reducing the bounce rate. And lesser bounce rate creates an impression that customers find your website entertaining. And this allows search engines to push up your ranking on search results. Now lets focus on ​things you need to remember when designing your website.

5: Build an SEO Optimized ​Website

It is essential to pick up a website design that is search engine compatible. An optimized website can help you rank higher and generate more traffic. The SEO of your website is affected by many factors. And one of these factors is the website design. 

Build an SEO Optimized Website to boost business in Vancouver

To maintain a good SEO score of your website, you can implement some things like- have a mobile-friendly design, or use lighter web design. Some other things to do here are optimizing the page URLs and including optimized title tags to your website. An optimized website is search engine compatible and ensures that you rank higher on search results.

​Learn how to optimize your website for quick loading.

6: ​Opt for Mobile-friendly​ Design

With a significant population shifting from desktops to mobile phones, it is time that you adjust your website accordingly. More and more people are using mobile phones because they are compact and convenient. But to date, most websites are not compatible with compact devices. 

Mobile-Friendly web Design for great user experience in Montreal

As a result, sites take a lot of time to load on compact devices like mobile phones, and this can drive away customers.The only solution is to make sure that your website has a smaller and lighter, mobile-friendly version.

You can compress your entire website as well, but that would hardly do any do. The smart thing to do here is to have a separate mobile-friendly version of your website.

7: Insist on Light Weight Design

Having a website is a dream come true for many. And in the attempt to create the perfect website, people tend to go a little over the top. It might result in your website bulky with too many unnecessary features. 

light weight website design service in Ottawa

And this results in a heavy website that has a longer load duration. And this harms the ranking of your website.

It is best if you choose a pre-made lightweight design. Or else you can eliminate some of the heavy stuff from your pre-existing website. Elimination can also help improve the speed and SEO of your website.

8: Start with On-page SEO

They say the world is your oyster! But it is impossible to earn popularity without technology and media.

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ON-PAGE SEO service in Mississauga

Likewise, you have to implement ​Digital marketing strategies if you want your business to stand out online.

On page, SEO can refer to both – optimization of content and HTML source code of a page or website. It improvises the performance of your small business website online.

9: ​Geo-targeting

Target Area Selection is a vital element of On–Page search engine optimization. Shooting arrows in the dark will not help you create a strong base of clients. You have to be aware of the areas that need to be targeted for ​Local Seo Toronto.

Target Area Selection in Brampton

​When you do business in Toronto, your small business website must reach a potential crowd in and around Toronto to create a positive impact. On-Page SEO helps you optimize and select the area you specifically want to explore.

This enhances the quality of your customer reach. Fine customers means more money! And if you manage to master your Local Area searches, magnificent growth is not too far away.

Read these ​​Tips on how to define ​target market for small business

10: Competitor Analysis 

Competitor Analysis is the simplest method to know what your audience is looking for. Once you know what to focus on, your work will get much more straightforward.

Competitor website seo Analysis in kitchener

A detailed competitor analysis can benefit you in many ways, like- better search ranking, greater traffic overturns, and more conversions on site. The very basis of competitor analysis is to gain knowledge.

You are a small business owner; you don't have enough time to invest in hit-and-trial methods. So what's the next best thing? Check out your competitor's webpage and analyze it. Study what works for your competitor- keywords, content, and links. And use this intelligence for your benefit.

11: Keyword Research 

Millions of people surf the internet looking for a solution to their problems. They tend to click on one of the first few search results shown by search engines. 

Keyword Research for local seo in London, ON, CA

This is because the topmost search results are more in compliance with the customer’s needs. A page only ranks higher when it has relevant keywords. If your small business website masters this aspect, your online marketing strategies become highly effective. 

Keyword research makes sure your landing page includes the most relevant keywords. It helps describe the ideas or services of your business. As a result, it drives more and more traffic to your business website and boosts your Local SEO Toronto in no time.

Read tips on how to do keyword research for your small business.

​12: Crafting your content 

One of the many vital elements of a good business website is the quality of its content. Just ranking higher on the search engine is not enough.

Crafting your seo optimized content in calgary

You should be able to capture your client, on the other side of the screen, with the quality of your content. Make sure you do not lose out on an opportunity for business just because your website lacks quality content. 

Your website has to be readable and easy to understand. Even if you get thousands of clicks, your website might not generate potential leads if the quality of writing or content is compromised.

13: Adding Images and InfoGraphics 

Just like quality content is valuable, images are another element that are essential to capture a client’s full attention online. Your business website needs relevant images and infographics to attract more and more people.

Adding Images and InfoGraphics for enhanced user experience in edmonton

If you are wondering, here is why it is equally important. Images and graphics help our brains connect the dots that understandable content or writing cannot. And if your Toronto business is related to sales, it should be the critical element of your website.

Without visual relation to the content, your page could become annoying and ​non-entertaining for the people who click on it. Besides this, it could also help your business look professional and attractive.

14: Utilizing Videos and GIFs 

Along with images and graphics, it has become a new trend to include videos and GIFs about your services or products. Videos and GIFs have effectively captured the attention of the new generation on the internet. 

Utilizing Videos and GIFs for higher page timies in vancouver

Small trailers, promos, ads. Have made many websites reach out more effectively to their clients. Describing your products or services through video becomes comfortable and attractive if you add a video to your official business page. 

Your video needs to be informative and closely related to the content shared on your website. It is a sad truth that most people do not like to read through a website. A video, on the other hand, can engage your customers for long.

​​15: Internal linking

​Internal Linking is one of the powerful methods to increase the average total time of users on your website by elevating user engagement. The webpages are interlinked with each other so that the user can drift to other webpages after reading the first one.

Internal linking your website for seo growth in victoria BC

You can also create sections of Related Topics in a box so that the visitor can select the topic of his interest. If the user is interested in your website niche, he is most likely ​to take ​ interest in other webpages of your website, and this is an opportunity to increase user engagement. 

16: Setting up a Sales Funnel​

Sales funnel are a decent way of making your customers buy your services and products. The trick is to create a need. You need to make an offer to your customer- something which he needs or something that can be of great importance to him.

Setting up a Sales Funnel to convert more leads in quebec city

​The customer buys your services or products in exchange for their email. Sales funnels help you build an email list for your business. 

Sales funnels work in a step by step manner, ​engaging a specific group of people each time. Through a sales funnel, your ability to turn your viewers into customers dramatically multiplies.

17: Work on Technical SEO​

Working on Technical SEO to improve web presence in Montreal

We can all talk about SEO in simple terms. But when it comes to delivering the best SEO strategy in Torontoo, Canada. It is all digital! There is tons of technical stuff that needs attention. So that the SEO of each page is optimum. 

And the most important ​is ​the technical aspect of SEO needs to be updated from time to time. Let us learn about ​Technical SEO aspects.

18: Add an XML site map

Wouldn’t it be more natural of people could find your website in the blink of any eye? The very purpose of SEO is to make sure that your website is discoverable by search engines. 

Add an XML site map for enhanced search visibility in winnipeg

The purpose of an XML site map is to direct Google towards the essential pages of your website. An XML sitemap is more or less like a roadmap that helps Google navigate through your website effortlessly. 

It is essential to have an XML sitemap plugin if you want to improve your SEO. An XML Site map can still produce tremendous results even if pages of your site lack internal links.

19: Add an SEO Plugin​

Starting a website on platforms like WordPress is not easy. It is a multi-step process. But the fun part is there are hundreds of SEO plugins to help you.

Add an SEO Plugin for higher search rankings in Halifax

For instance, some plugins scan through your posts and make sure that they are well optimized. On such plugin is Yoast SEO, which is widely used all around the globe. Other plugins can help you optimize your page, or set up survey pages. 

Each SEO Plugin can give you the insight to improve the SEO score of your website. All you need to do is download the plugins and activate them.

20: Setup Redirects 

As the word suggests, redirecting is the process of forwarding one URL to another. ​​By setting up your redirect process you are not only forwarding your users to a different location but you are doing the same to search engines.

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Setup Redirects for seo boost in Toronto

Most common redirect setups in use are 301, 302 and Meta refresh. A 301 type of redirect means that the original page which the user is looking for has been permanently moved. T

his type of redirect setup is recommended for better SEO. In contrast to this 302, means that the web page has been temporarily moved. Get a redirect plugin to enhance this aspect of your website.

21: Setup Custom 404 Page

In simple terms, a 404 is an error displayed when the search engines or visitors are unable to locate a requested page. 

Setup Custom 404 Page in your Toronto local business website

 It represents a dead-end- which suggests that the page is either permanently moved or no longer exists. When it comes to setting up a 404 page for your website, wouldn’t it be best if you could have a more engaging and informative 404 page?

A blank 404 page negatively impacts on your audience and may even send them back. Whereas an engaging 404 page holds the attention of your customers and reduces bounce rate.

Learn how to setup Robots.txt and 4040 Page for your small business website

22: Utilize Schema ​Markup

Schema Markup is the newest method of boosting SEO. Being new; it is the least used method. Most users are unaware of the concept of Schema Markup, but it can do wonders for your website.

Utilize Schema Markup in Your Toronto local business site

In simple terms, Schema Marker, refers to the method of code insertion. You insert relevant codes on your website. And this helps the search engines in returning more informative data to its users. 

When a search engine scans through your website, these specific codes grab the attention of search engines. And this helps you rank higher on search results. If you wish to understand Schema Markup in-depth, you should give rich snippets a try. 

23: Add Robots.txt File

If you are not a novice in the field of SEO, you would know what a crawler is. In reality, search engines use search engine bots or crawlers to index websites. And here comes the concept of Robots.txt.

robots.txt-file in your toronto based local site

Robots.txt is ​a text file that directs these crawlers towards indexing websites. The Robot.txt file is placed under the top-level directory to ensure that search engines can detect them instantly. 

The best thing about Robots.txt setup is that ​it is incredibly flexible. And through these settings, Correct Delivery of SEO Services in Canada can control the performance of multiple webpages at a time.

24: Work on Page speed improvement

Times are tougher than ever. Everyone is busy in their own world. And they barely have any time to waste. In conditions like these improving the page speed can go a long way.

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Work on Page speed improvement to enhance your Toronto website speed

When people don’t have to wait too long for your website to load there is a lesser probability of customers leaving your website. To improve your page speed you can do some simple things like eliminating the heavy stuff.

Make sure that your website is light as a feather. Lighter websites have several benefits. First they improve your search ranking and then they ensure that your website is not abandoned instantly. ​Do you Need help with page speed optimization?

25: ​Websites Code optimization

The meaning of code optimization is quite literal. Code optimization involves the process of improving code size and quality. Web Development Companies  modified the code in a way that it takes less memory but works equally good. 

Optimization of the Websites Code in Edmonton

In other terms, the quality, efficiency, and compatibility with search engines of your code improve. Code optimization includes compact size, lesser memory space, and improved functionality.

For better SEO score, what you must focus on is that the output of the optimized and the non-optimized code is similar. Code optimization makes your website lighter, which results in improved SEO. Better code leads to better SEO rankings and broader exposure. 

26: optimize your Images

​In simple words, Image optimization is a modern technique that involves the delivery of prime quality images. The key is to keep the image size small while maintaining the format, dimension, and resolution.

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Optimization your Images in Vancouver

It should be noted that there are different ways of optimizing your images. You can resize them, or compressing them. Caching is another technique of image optimization. And if you are not a pro in this field, it doesn’t matter! There are many image optimization tools available, like Image Kit.

More large images can slow down your website. And this can have a severe impact on your website SEO. Don’t let the photos bring you down, instead make the best of it!

Read here : Some Tips to optimize images Videos and GIF

​27: Setup Google search console​

​Google provides various free tools to identify and analyze the reports of how your website is doing. The two tools provided by Google are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Setup search console for your Toronto based website

Google Search Console specifically helps you to identify the "crawl errors" on your website. Additionally, it also sends you an email every time any error or potential error is detected so that faults get notified and fixed immediately.

​28: ​Setup Google analytics 

​It is a free tool provided by Google to analyze and manage the website's performance. It helps you to obtain a better understanding of your customers. You can quickly dive into the fine details to identify the rooms for improvement.

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Add Google analytics to track user flow in Toronto

Google Analytics also enables you to understand how users got engaged with your Google Ad Campaign to maximize the user experience. It also lets you measure your advertising ROI to get the complete insights and pattern of the conversion rate.

29: Full Technical Audit

Before you start ahead with off page seo, you must do a technical audit of your site. Technical Seo Audit helps you identify on-page issues that may still be left to fix and drag down your site. 

TECHNICALSEO audit to get higher rank in Toronto

Once you know what is wrong, you can fix it in no time. SEO Audit exposes you to that part of the website, which may not be perfect. Conducting an Audit at the beginning of your off-page seo campaign, helps your seo score and user experience at higher levels.

​30 : Work with Off-Page SEO

After the technical SEO Audit and fixing of all errors, you can give your full attention to the off-page strategy. Off-Page SEO tactics are as crucial as On-Page SEO practices. In contrast to On-Page SEO, Off-Page is more focused on what happens behind the scenes. 

Off-page-SEO strategy for your Local business in Calgary

Off-Page SEO helps you connect with competitor websites. It also helps you create a positive presence outside your website. Off-Page SEO is more focused on uplifting your website by finding and utilizing various backlink opportunities.

31: Authority Backlinks

Back-linking is the most reliable way to improve your SEO score. Building authority backlinks requires you to share links of your website on peer websites. The key is to find websites that share similar interests. Sharing your link on these websites not only helps you gather a more significant viewership, but also helps you target your potential audience.

Authority Backlinks for your small business in Toronto

The customers that visit your competitor websites constitute your group of potential customers. And through authentic backlinks to legit websites, you are continually expanding your customer pool. Besides this, search engines are automatically more inclined towards websites with backlinks from high-quality sites.

32: High-Value Profiles Creation

Social media is an active enforcer of search engine optimization. You need to understand the influence of social media on people’s lives in Toronto, Canada. Social media is like second nature to people, and this can be a great way to connect to them. Besides building a reliable company, you should also focus on making strong relations with your customers. 

High-Value Profiles Creation for your website in Canada and USA

And social media is key to that. Try to create high quality and informative profiles on social media. Your first instinct should be to provide your customers with the required information. Manage​​ Your social accounts should be welcoming and informative. Make sure to use a light conversational tone and keep it informal!

33: Collecting Reviews

When you look up for a service or product, what is an essential thing that you do? You go down to the review section and find out if this product suits your needs. This is what your customers are doing right now. People tend to believe what other people write about your products/services in the review sections.

Collecting Reviews for your Toronto Small Business

But not all reviews are good. Bad reviews open up improvement possibilities, but they can hurt your website. Can you risk sharing bad reviews with your would-be-customers? It is best to put some review management plans into action. Review management helps you rank good reviews on top.

​34: FAQs

Should​ SEO be done by a local agency or international agency?

What are the qualities of an SEO company you need to be looking for?

I have a local business, and most of my customers are within 10 miles of my business, do I need a web presence?

Is it possible for small business websites to get on the 1st page?

How much time does it take to improve the ranking for small businesses?

Do small businesses need to outsource SEO? Why?

Why do Search Engine ranking change frequently, and what small businesses should focus on for higher ranking?

Are local SEO marketing services more critical than traditional advertising for small businesses?

How fast do SEO services for small businesses pay off?

Do small businesses need non-local SEO?


Search engine optimization is a vast umbrella that covers ever-growing and numerous aspects. And if you want good results for your small business, it is essential to focus on each one of them. The important thing is to find a perfect balance when optimizing these SEO aspects for your website and not ​over-optimize your SEO. Over-optimization has its risks. 
​This guide is incomplete, and there will be more updates. We are here to help your small business achieve great success. Our
Digital Marketing agency has expertise in all of the above SEO factors. And we care to provide premium quality marketing services at very affordable pricing in Toronto and entire Canada.  If you need help with SEO, we are your go-to company. 


and most of my customers are within 10 miles of my business, and what small businesses should focus on for higher ranking?, ​Are local SEO marketing services more critical than traditional advertising for small businesses?, do I need a web presence?, ​Do small businesses need to outsource SEO? Why?, ​How much time does it take to improve the ranking for small businesses?, ​I have a local business, ​Is it possible for small business websites to get on the 1st page?, ​Should​ SEO be done by a local agency or international agency?, toronto local seo guide for small, ​What are the qualities of an SEO company you need to be looking for?, ​Why do Search Engine ranking change frequently

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