pizza106 case study

There was a time when starting a company was tougher than starting a website. But it is the opposite now, even the smallest and the most insignificant companies own professional websites. And with this raging technological revolution, there has been a significant change in marketing strategies. Traditional marketing strategies are effective, no doubt, but modern marketing strategies are so much better! There is a vast internet to explore. Imagine the number of customers you could gain just by taking your business online.

This Case study is about the pride of Edmonton the Pizza106 which is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton. Serving fresh & Fabulous Pizzas to Edmonton Community. Within 45 days of starting a local seo campaign they now rank on first page of google search for high traffic keywords like "Pizza Edmonton". 

just type pizza edmonton and check the first result

"Try Searching for "pizza Edmonton on Google " #pizzaedmonton

Pizza106 is a pizza restaurant that offers amazing pizza. Despite having great quality services and food in Edmonton, it was difficult for Pizza106 to gain a substantial amount of customers. They had a proper website and online presence, but it was of no use. Online visitors were not converting to walk-in customers. And that was a step back in the business.

This is the time when Pizza106 approached us at Best SEO Company Edmonton. Our experts were focused on making Pizza106 better. The first thing we did was to study the website. The proper anatomy of the website gave us an insight into the functioning of the website. And this is how we were able to identify the negative aspects of their website.

Try Searching for "106 Edmonton" on Google search and you will see that 106 is a number which is hard to rank for. But our client ranks on top of the search results. That's Amazing.

just type 106 Edmonton and you see the results

"Try Searching for "106 Edmonton on Google  #106Edmonton

Once we understood how to website works, we were able to eliminate the elements which were supposedly harmful to Pizza106 website. We re-designed their website to make it more user-friendly and amp up the functionality. With a lighter website, there was a higher possibility that the Pizza106 website will load faster and attract more customers.

Besides this, we also made a considerable amount of changes to their content as well. This is a known fact that the use of keywords is the key to bulk traffic. But not just any keywords. We at Best SEO Company Canada searched for high yielding keywords. And we only used those keywords which had substantial density. This made it easier for search engines to locate Pizza106 on the internet. As a result, the search ranking of Pizza106 drastically improved.

Try Searching for "Cheap Pizza Edmonton" on Google search and you will see the results of local seo. In just 45 days the high volume keyword is bringing in great business.

cheap pizza edmonton ranks to first page in 2 months

"Try Searching for "Cheap Pizza Edmonton on Google  #pizzaEdmonton

With our little assistance, Pizza106 was able to attract maximum customers. Technical & professional modification to the website turned it into a local hub. We also put into action some Local SEO tactics; this resulted in creating substantial popularity amongst the local population. This encouraged the local population to check out Pizza106. And not just that, but the online order option made it possible for customers to order online. The ease of this functionality was the reason why the sales of Pizza106 elevated.

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