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how to choose perfect website development platform

Before you get started with a website, the big question is - which platform do you want to use?

There are three popular website development platforms that can be taken in use - PHP, ASP.NET, JSP. 

It looks easy to non-technical people because they go for PHP or choose any one of them randomly. But when we observe this closely, we identify the hard challenges that may hit us after the website is launched.  The person who is going to trigger the troubleshooting and maintenance arenas will face the real problem.

So, which one can be the best for you?

Let's find out!

1. PHP (Personal Home Pages):

php language a perfect website devleopment platform

It is a very popular language that is embedded in HTML pages. The best thing about PHP is that it is open-source. It means that anyone can contribute functions of it and add it to the libraries. The best part of PHP is that it comes free of cost. This ever-increasing library can be utilized to enhance your site.


ASP language a perfect website devleopment platform

It is a Microsoft Platform which is basically designed for the development of web applications. It covers a lot of basic functions and interactive databases to ease out the programmer's job. A lot of good and user-friendly websites can be easily designed through it. Its library all comes with complete technical support.

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The advantages of using .net over PHP are as follows:

i) It has technical support for you web design and development needs..

ii) .net gets complied (it gets converted into the executable file) so that it performs faster, and it remains more secure because the compiled code cannot be understood by the user. 

iii) There are a lot of engineers who have abundant knowledge of building .net applications.

3. JSP (Java Server Pages):

JSP language a perfect website devleopment platform

 It is made by Sun Micro-systems (part of Oracle), which is a tough competitor of both - ASP.NET and PHP. It is a server-side technology. In this platform, it is compiled first, and later, it is executed as an application by the web server itself. 


You may choose one of the popular websites development platforms for your website according to your web design, but it is not at all recommendable to go farfetched from the common ones. This is because it will become very tough and expensive for you to find or even replace your website developers. Finding engineers for every little task of your website is impossible.

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1. PHP (Personal Home Pages):, 2. ASP.NET:, 3. JSP (Java Server Pages):, Conclusion, how to select a perfect website, The advantages of using .net over PHP are as follows:

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