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January 13, 2020
how to choose perfect website development platform




Just imagine – you’re about to embark on a grand adventure to build a house, your dream house! But, before you can start picking out curtains and furniture, you have to choose the type of material you want to use to build your house. Do you go with sturdy, reliable bricks, or the more traditional wood, or perhaps something more unique like bamboo?

Similarly, before we can create our very own digital castle (aka a website), we need to choose the right building material. In the world of website creation, these materials come in the form of development platforms. The three most popular ones are PHP, ASP.NET, and JSP. But how do we know which one to pick? Let’s take a deep dive into each one and find out!


1. PHP: The Open Source Champ


Imagine PHP as your favorite toy blocks that can create just about anything. They are so popular that everyone around the world contributes different pieces to the set. You see, PHP is an open-source language. That means anybody can create new functions and add them to its libraries. Just like how you could use different blocks to build a spaceship or a castle, these libraries can be utilized to enhance your website. And guess what? This never-ending block set is absolutely free!

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2. ASP.NET: The Power of Microsoft


Think of ASP.NET as a ready-made LEGO set, designed by the awesome folks at Microsoft. It’s perfect for those who like to have a structured set to build awesome web applications. Imagine having a magic kit that already contains the necessary elements to make the process easier. This kit has technical support for your web design and development needs and it has many experts ready to help you out.


3. The Special Perks of ASP.NET


ASP.NET comes with a few magic tricks. First, it performs faster because, just like a prepared magic trick, it gets compiled into an executable file. Second, it’s like a secret code that the audience can’t decipher because the compiled code cannot be understood by the user. So, you get a speedier and safer website!


4. JSP: The Sun Microsystems’ Prodigy


Last but not least, we have JSP. Let’s imagine JSP as an advanced robot kit designed by Sun Microsystems (a part of Oracle). This kit is a tough competitor of both ASP.NET and PHP. It first compiles itself and then the web server executes it as an application. This is like having a robot that self-assembles before it starts performing!


5. Website Development: A Balancing Act


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Building your website with these platforms is like trying to balance on a tightrope. You need to choose a development platform that matches your design needs, but also one that’s not too complex. This ensures you can always find or replace website developers without much hassle.


6. Choosing the Right Platform


Selecting the right platform is like picking out the perfect paint for your masterpiece. If you choose something too obscure, it might be hard to find that exact shade again in the future. So, stick with popular platforms like PHP, ASP.NET, and JSP to ensure your digital house is easily maintainable.


7. Elevate Your Digital Presence


Once your website is up and running, you can start decorating it with SEO techniques

to attract more visitors. You can learn a few useful SEO Tips for small businesses to elevate your website’s ranking and presence.




Choosing the right development platform for your website is just the first step in your digital adventure. Whether you choose the open-source versatility of PHP, the structured design of ASP.NET, or the self-executing brilliance of JSP, remember to have fun along the journey. After all, in the words of the great Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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1. What is a website development platform?

A website development platform is like the raw material we use to build our digital house. Examples include PHP, ASP.NET, and JSP.

2. What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source language used for website development. It’s like a toy block set that anyone can contribute to, making it versatile and cost-effective.

3. What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a Microsoft platform used for web application development. It comes with technical support and lots of pre-built functions, making it user-friendly.

4. How is ASP.NET more secure?

ASP.NET is secure because it converts its code into an executable file that users can’t understand. It’s like a secret magic trick!

5. What is JSP?

JSP is a server-side technology by Sun Microsystems. It first compiles itself and then gets executed as an application by the web server, making it efficient and fast.

6. Why should I choose a popular website development platform?

Choosing a popular platform makes it easier to find and replace website developers. It’s like choosing a paint color that’s widely available.

7. How can I improve my website’s presence?

You can improve your website’s presence using SEO techniques. It’s like decorating your digital house to attract more visitors.


1. PHP (Personal Home Pages):, 2. ASP.NET:, 3. JSP (Java Server Pages):, Conclusion, how to select a perfect website, The advantages of using .net over PHP are as follows:

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