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a closer look at the human element of seo 9700 500x281 - A Closer Look at the Human Element of SEO

It seems as though we are always being inundated with information on the latest Google algorithms to the point where we seem to forget everything but search engine optimization, SEO. Be that as it may, that isn’t going to sell product although it just might get visitors to your website. However, unless you can keep them on your site reading what you have to say, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on data analytics and finding just the right amount of competition. It will have been wasted if you don’t engage your audience. That’s where the human element comes in, and it is a very important element.

An Example of the Human Touch to SEO

Actually, even Google’s algorithms take more into account than keywords and search terms. They also rank sites on bounce rate which is what happens if you don’t engage your audience. In the early days of SEO, you would land on a page that was nothing more than paragraph after paragraph of keywords. What good did that do anyone? Google frowns highly upon keyword stuffing so if visitors bounce off as quickly as they clicked onto your site, Google recognizes the black hat SEO strategy and will penalize a site for that.

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However, by listing a commonly sought-after keyword such as Gaming Routers within a highly informative and engaging page of content, visitors are likely to read what you have to say. Bear in mind that gaming routers are in high demand in the gaming niche because of how they enable gamers to list favorite gaming URLs. These URLs take priority over any other data being transmitted back and forth. This is an amazing bit of technology and once learning about it, your readers are likely to want to know more about how to advance their gaming experience. That’s the human element. You have engaged your audience and Google will rank you for that.

Tunnel Vision at Its Worst

Somehow it just doesn’t make sense how some website owners focus solely on SEO and ignore all the other algorithms Google has in play. It’s tunnel vision at its worst. Imagine going into a room where there was an interesting looking member of the opposite sex that you’d like to strike up a conversation with. Unfortunately, as you wander over to start a conversation the only response you get is a nonsensical repetition of your greeting in different combinations. That, in a nutshell, is keyword stuffing. There is no engaging with someone who isn’t prepared to talk about all those words they are saying!

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Then There’s the Responsive Human Element

To give you just another brief example of how ineffective improper use of SEO can be, consider Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm of a few years ago. Mobile users were unable to view web content on tiny mobile screens as well as those viewing on desktop monitors. Since the largest portion of the population began searching from mobile devices, Google decided that it was time websites became responsive. This was a logical fix to enhance the mobile UX and for that, Google ranked highly in mobile searches. Non-responsive websites were ignored.

So you see, user experience is everything. That’s the human element within SEO. Once you understand that, your page can rank highly in the SERPs. That said, you need to realize you are talking to humans and not to a web crawler.


a closer look at the human, An Example of the Human Touch to SEO, Then There’s the Responsive Human Element, Tunnel Vision at Its Worst

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