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Do you know that the users themselves can provide very useful information on how to create the ideal content? Here’s how to use HotJar for SEO!

Write for users, not search engines . ” How many times have you heard this sentence? Yet, not infrequently it happens that, in practice, those who write for the web forget this mantra at the same time as they start writing a new content. Here then is that the web page is filled with keywords and information so superfluous as to annoy the user and remove him from conversion.

But is there a way to know exactly what a user is looking for ? And, on the basis of this, can the “perfect content” be built? With HotJar, creating content that is truly quality is possible. Here’s how to use HotJar from an SEO perspective and satisfy the search intent that brings users to your site as exhaustively as possible .

“Distracted browsing”: why is it important to provide only valuable content?

Every day you are subjected to an incredible amount of input and the attention threshold is getting lower and lower. Furthermore, the advent of smartphones has radically changed the way we surf:

“ When the user opens a web page, he has a very different reading method than he can have in a book or newspaper. He tends to take a quick look […] Small details are enough to make him escape or, on the contrary, stay . In a world where information proliferates we must survive, and therefore it becomes strategic for us to understand if that page deserves our attention.

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Think of the frustration when typing a query and clicking on the first result does not find the answer you are looking for. The typical behavior is to go back to Google and select one of the other results until you land on the page that best responds to the query typed.

Result? The site in the first position attracted the user’s attention initially, but lost the opportunity to capture interest within seconds and the search intent was not satisfied. With HotJar and with the help of other essential SEO tools , every webmaster has the ability to provide the information sought by their users as accurately as possible.

HotJar: what this tool is and how it works

HotJar allows you to obtain data relating to user behavior and interests through heat maps, video recording, surveys and much more. Installing HotJar and starting to monitor user behavior on your site is very simple. It’s enough:

  • create your account at https://www.hotjar.com/
  • identify the tracking code to use
  • copy the script into the <head> section of your site.

However, keep in mind that you can also enter the tracking code using Google Tag Manager or, if you use a CMS like WordPress, use a special plugin.

Now you can log into the HotJar dashboard and set up the analytics or feedback activity that best suits your needs. To discover the most relevant information to offer to users and understand how to make this content as usable as possible , it is important to learn to master the following features:

  • Polls
  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
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HotJar polls: Users say exactly what they are not satisfied with

HotJar allows you to set up surveys that allow you to ask the user for various types of information about the nature of the page they are visiting. The polls appear in the form of a discreet pop-up of which you can customize the color, targeting (on which pages to activate the poll? On which devices?), Behavior (when to launch the poll? For how long should it remain visible?) And, above all, the information requested by the user .

You can ask open or closed questions: HotJar gives you the possibility to choose from a set of predefined questions, valid for editorial projects as well as for e-commerce, but you can customize them to your liking.

Suggested questions for editorial projects:

  1. Were you able to find the information you were looking for?
  2. What other information would you like to find on this page?
  3. What is missing on this page?
  4. What other topics would you like us to cover?

Imagine a user who enters a page of your blog and does not find the desired information . It’s interesting to find out what this is all about, and a HotJar poll can help you gather such helpful feedback . By carefully analyzing these answers (at least a hundred per page for credible feedback) you may realize how the content you have created is less complete than you imagined. Not only that: you can ask to suggest other topics of interest and use the ideas obtained to create a new SEO optimized content plan .

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Suggested questions for e-commerce:

  1. Do you have any questions before completing your purchase?
  2. Are our prices clear?
  3. Is there anything at this stage that prevents you from proceeding with the purchase?
  4. What was your biggest concern when purchasing on our store?

Surveys can also be very useful for e-commerce sites: information that the user considers essential in order to complete the purchase may be missing or not very visible within a given product sheet .

HotJar heatmaps: Users manifest exactly what interests them

The ” heat maps ” of HotJar allow you to monitor specific pages, providing as output (after acquiring a sufficient number of views) a set of aggregated data that allows you to obtain relevant information on:

  • click / tap on certain elements of the page;
  • mouse movements on the page;
  • scroll on the page.

Do you need to monitor the effectiveness of one of the pages that collects more organic hits? Find out if the user reaches the bottom of the page (by clicking on “Scroll”) where perhaps you have now entered the only call-to-action of the content, identify the elements of the page on which they click the most (“Click” / ” Tap ”) or the elements where the mouse moves the most (“ Move ”).

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Imagine you have a blog post that features a menu with links to the internal sections of the page. With the HotJar heatmaps you will understand at a glance which are the sections of greatest interest by analyzing the clicks on the menu items and the mouse movements in the respective sections. By highlighting the sections of greatest interest to users, you will give them the opportunity to find the answer they are looking for first and, once their trust is gained, you can more easily channel them towards your conversion goals .

HotJar recordings: to get videos of how users navigate the site!

HotJar also allows you to record the browsing performed by users on different devices, so you will have the opportunity to put yourself in your users’ shoes and see everything they have done , the links they have clicked on, the pages they have seen, etc.

In addition, for each registration, HotJar provides basic data on the user:

  • country of origin ;
  • duration of navigation on the site;
  • device used;
  • browser and operating system

You will discover how, at times, the attention dedicated to content on which you have spent a lot of energy lasts just as long as a swipe , or that the calls to action that you thought were so effective fail to counteract the phenomenon of advertising blindness , one of the more classic UX criticality of a website.

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HotJar and SEO: some tips to improve content quality and usability

How can this data be integrated into an SEO strategy? Here is a short checklist of suggested activities.

HotJar polls analysis and search for new keywords

  • Start working on your top pages (so those that already collect good traffic volumes and are already positioned).
  • For each page, make a reasoning that allows you to cross the queries that bring traffic to those pages (Search Console-> Performance) with the most recurring themes that emerge from the feedback left by your users through the HotJar polls. With an in-depth analysis it will become clear which were the most unfulfilled expectations and which led users to leave the page with a sense of frustration.
  • Based on what emerges, you can then carry out a keyword search aimed at intercepting related keys and long queues that respond to the new needs that have emerged .

Heatmap and recordings analysis, Analytics and UX redesign

If the polls allow for mostly textual integrations, the analysis of heat maps and recordings will help you understand how to serve this content to users :

  • do you notice that an item belonging to the internal menu of your article is clicked much more than the others, but it refers to the lowest section of the page? If it makes sense, consider moving it towards above-the-fold .
  • If you notice a section of particular interest to your users (carefully analyze mouse movements, scroll depth and registrations ), then it may be useful to insert calls to action or links to specific internal pages of the site (in this way you will also increase the time spent and the number of pages viewed per session).
  • Also take advantage of the anchors that allow you to jump from one paragraph to another on the same page (the “quick links”): you will improve the user experience and, if you create well-structured anchors, you will increase the chances of having these links appear directly in the snippet in SERP.
  • One last note: always cross this data with those you can find on Google Analytics , such as the origin of the traffic, the most used devices to navigate or other information that may be relevant in terms of SEO optimization in Canada.
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By cross-referencing all this data in a timely manner, you will not only be able to provide the user with content that can fully answer their query , but you will also increase their level of trust in your brand.


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