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If you have just started your dream startup and want to declare your presence among numerous competitors, content marketing is one of the excellent ways. However, you will need to follow the best practices to get rapid and effective results. We will talk about some of the excellent tips and tricks for content marketing for your startup.

Finding trending topics, publishing guest posts on reputed sites, incorporating visual content, regular content production, and promoting content accordingly can boost your startup. You will need to promote your content on social media at the proper time for maximum output. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Find the Trending Topics

The goal of your content marketing is to reach out to your audience. However, when you start out initially, it can overwhelm you. In such cases, finding out the trending topics is a good first step.

Using tools like BuzzSumo can help you find trending topics in your niche. You can filter the results from these tools to find out your suit spot. You can filter the results by content type and timeline.

You can also find out the most popular articles of a certain domain; maybe your competitor’s one. You can get ideas, analyze content gaps and build your own strategies.

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Your content strategy should focus on building fresh and relevant content based on the results you get. The content you create should be relevant and useful to your audience. Develop a killer content strategy for your startup than the websites from where you derived your ideas.

Publish Guest Posts on Reputed Sites

Building an audience can be hard for new entrepreneurs. You may have sufficient experience in your niche, but you need an audience to demonstrate your expertise. Therefore, you will need to reach out to different channels to establish trust between your audience and your business.

Connect with high-authority, reputable sites where loyal readers already hang out. Submit your content to those sites which will provide you with valuable backlinks. You are helping those sites with fresh content while driving traffic to your website.

Guest blogging has a high potential for growing your audience significantly. A simple Google search can show you results for writing opportunities. Then, you will need to shortlist websites by checking their domain authority.

Incorporate Visual Content

Visual content can attract your audience more than written ones. Your audience will process visual content more effectively and gather necessary information easily from visual content.

Therefore, include more infographics, video content, graphics, or memes along with your regular blog content. You can share visual content on social media to reach your audience effectively. This content can help you with your email marketing strategies too.

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According to Google Trends, the search for “infographics” has increased significantly over the years. Companies can expect 400% revenue growth after implementing an infographics strategy.

Produce Content Regularly

When it comes to content marketing, consistency is a must. When you create content regularly, it creates trust among your audience. However, creating excellent blogs every day may not be possible. Yet, your content should follow a certain schedule.

You can start by publishing a blog every week on a certain day. Eventually, you can increase the publishing frequency of your website. You can also send out a weekly digest to invest your audience for your upcoming content.

When you incorporate this kind of email marketing with your content strategy, more and more readers will be attracted to your website. Some of your audience may not actively check out your website for updates. But when you send them an engaging email, they will be coming back to your website for the information they need.

Promote Your Content

Content promotion allows your content to reach more audiences. You can incorporate your content marketing with social media marketing in this manner.

Most of your readers may not follow your website constantly. Therefore, they may miss your blog posts which could be helpful for them. So, when you share your content using social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., those readers may notice them.

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Social media marketing is almost necessary for executing your content marketing strategy properly. However, sharing your blog content without enough context may not be fruitful for promoting your content.

You can create visual content to promote your original blog content on social media. This way, you are giving your audience a brief preview of your content and what they can expect from it. With this strategy, you can tap into your audience’s curiosity and promote your content exceptionally.

Additionally, running paid promotions now and then can make you reach more audiences who haven’t heard of you before. If you have a catchy caption with excellent visual content, it may prompt new audiences to go to your website and subscribe to your blog for further posts.


We have already covered the relationship between content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. However, you can also incorporate influencer marketing to take your content marketing to the next level.

Influencers are considered experts in their own niche and already have an established audience. You can reach out to them to promote your startup and gain new followers.

You can start by mentioning influencers in your posts and reaching out to them with your product. You can either pay them upfront to promote your product or run affiliate campaigns with them.

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Another strategy you can adopt is to write about topics in your niche that are not covered well in the industry. This way, your content will not face much competition and can be converted for high profit. Eventually, these posts will establish you as an authority and make your brand stand out from the competition.

Lastly, you can optimize the time to publish your content to gain better reach. Your target audience may not stay online all the time. So, you will need to post your content when most of them are active. There are several tools to research your audience’s behavior on different social media platforms. You can invest in those tools for the better success of your content.

Bottom Line

Content marketing is an amazing strategy for startups to adopt as you can gain an audience organically. This strategy can give your business better visibility and build better authority with time.

Despite being a new or seasoned entrepreneur, these tips and tricks can help your content marketing exceptionally. When you know the KPIs of what your audience likes, utilize those indicators and generate content that helps your audience. Therefore, you can gain the best results from your content marketing strategy. 

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