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February 28, 2020
advanced seo

What is Advanced SEO and what it covers ?


Technology is ever-evolving that too with rapid pace and so do internet. Almost half of the world’s population today use the internet nearly every day.

Therefore, Google is the biggest marketplace which can aid your online business to achieve the correct exposure. So, the significance of SEO is at the peak now.

Since many businesses exploiting SEO to rank higher, it is creating tremendous competition. Search engines like google are becoming smarter. It utilities artificial intelligence and deep learning mechanism for getting the deserving website rank at the peak.

Advanced SEO enables your site to rank higher by getting the hack of those complex algorithms. Here are the best-advanced SEO practices of recent time.

1. Clustering

advanced seo

  • Clustering is a significant function of information retrieval and is dependent on AI.
  • Primarily it falls into three categories Such as KNN clustering, hierarchies Clustering and flat clustering.

2: Data (schematic mark-up)

advanced seo

  • becoming ever crucial with each passing day
  • It assists search engine crawlers in getting the idea of intent. Formats of which are used by SEO agencies, such as RDF-a & JSON-LD.


3: Linking visualization depending on PageRank and modularity

advanced seo

  Also known as the linking of the particular page with another page of the same website using relevant anchor text.

  • Gephi, a well-renowned visualization tool, can achieve an overview of internal linking.
  • An optimum page must possess the least modularity and highest page rank.

4: Bucket brigade technique

advanced seo

  • The longer a visitor stick to your site, the better will be credibility.
  • A bucket brigade is the phrases that add conversational significance to your content, thereby attracting more & more people. 


5. Handling redirects controllably

advanced seo

  • such as 301, 302, and so forth, are significant and of the utmost importance when it’s SEO under discussion.
  • Rectifying 4xx redirect issues the 301 way is a part of white hat SEO, given its done, precisely.
  • You might incur a penalty if you link well-renowned page to page with no relevance.

6. Phase-out redirect chains

advanced seo

  • Pages with continuous and following redirects can lead to poor site performance.
  • Make your visitors reach important pages directly.
  • Make navigation simple.
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7. Flatten your site structure

advanced seo

  • Wonder what the heck is? It’s decreasing the number of clicks one has to make to reach the URL from the home page.
  • Additionally, it will also take a short time for a Google spider to reach further from the home page.


8. Semantic search, natural language processing

advanced seo

  • It means to search with the intent(field of AI) it consists of communication between computer and humans.
  • Whereas reclaiming refers to the eradication of diverse Information, whether based on query or knowledge.


9.Voice search optimization (vSO)

advanced seo

  • there is the ever-increasing use of voice search, and it’s imperative to optimize for it.
  • For the purpose, various things such as estimating knowledge graph and marking up a page with frequently asked questions and answer, this structured data helps.

10. improve CTR

advanced seo

  • As per the rank brain algorithm, the higher the CTR, the higher the SERP.
  • Impactful words for title and description and rich snippets help you optimize the page for CTR.


11. Rankbrain optimization

advanced seo

Rankbrain is an updated algorithm of google, which uses artificial intelligence for primary functioning.

  • ​Mainly, it can be done by mentioning the intent of the landing page.


12. Advanced SEO Tip #13 Use LSI in h2 & h3


Article subheadings should contain some of the LSI keywords.

  • In point 12 and 13 we gave you an example of how to add an LSI keyword in Your content.
  • Good heed is paid to headings of any page by Google.
  • Lsi keywords there might assist you in fragmenting content into smaller sections.


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13. Search console optimization (Google’s Gift! – Advanced SEO Tool)

advanced seo

  • ​With the assistance of the GWT (Google webmaster tool), webmaster policies can be ensured.
  • Also known as Search console, this handy tool from Google can improve your technical and Advanced SEO drastically.


14. Structural SEO

advanced seo

If you go to any leading SEO firm, the first advice you are supposed to get is to optimize the structure for search friendliness.

  • ​In turn, this assures that there are no glitches on indexing and crawling fronts.


15. Technical SEO

  • Regardless of your SEO for organic visibility, technical SEO always holds significance for success.
  • ​Technical SEO can be executed by dealing with catching issues, gzip compression, reducing header requests, and so forth.


16. Ideal word count

  • ​Post with comparatively lesser words don’t perform well due to lack of information.
  • To find the exact amount of words for your particular keyword, various tools can be used to check the top 10 search results for your target keyword.


17. JavaScript SEO

  • ​This is part of contemporary search engineering, where pages can be ranked with suitable JavaScript resources.


18.Image (optimization, alt tags & serving)

  • Compressing the image serves in image optimization and not the other way around.


 19. Tf-idf

  • ​Well, it means term frequency versus inverse document frequency.
  • It offers a weighted score of the term calculated against the inverse of the corpus.


20. Open Graph protocol

  • ​Ogp is a meta property that is accountable for rich snippets on social media.


21. The meta title of fewer than 65 words

  • The reason is, Google will display only 65 characters in SERPs pages, one needs to form headings for maximum advantage, which consists of getting click-through.
  • If you have 100 to 150 characters, then each word is diminished in strength.


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22.Rendering & fetching

  • It’s a tool which enables a user to see landing page from a spider bot perspective.
  • In case if the content is invisible to a bot, then it makes things messy.


23.Getting rid of zombie pages

  • Zombie pages can deteriorate site performance, ultimately reducing visibility.


24. First & second tier LSI, concept keywords

  • First-tier keywords are the synonyms of the main focus kW, whereas second-tier kW shows relevant query based on a specific query.


25. crawling & indexing messes

  • Crawling is the foremost thing accomplished by crawler bot to inspect and store contents into a database.
  • Once done, the following 200 factors this information is shown on SERP.


 26. Data highlighter

It’s an aspect of webmaster tool used to demonstrate the pattern of structured data markup.


27. Robots.txt optimization

advanced seo

  • Robots.txt file is uploaded in the root directory, which directs crawler for accessing, crawling and indexing site.


 28.hybrid approach 

Three types of rendering are there

  • In the client-side rendering, page contents rely on the js to be downloaded from the browser.
  • Service side rendering involves downloading from the server.
  • In isomorphic rendering, the initial request is made on the server-side and following are on the client-side.


29. Diverse sitemaps

It’s comprehensive markup language file, which is uploaded into the roots.

  • Four such sitemaps can be used within site.namely, image, video, XML and HTML.


30. HTML files from CDN

 It translates to content delivery network.we all know speed is much relevant for rankings.

  • If it is hampered due to access of your site from the different region than host region of your website, CDN could prove to be a saviour.


31. Crawl depths

It is a crucial factor, in designating advanced on-site elements of a site.


32. E.A.T signals

E.A.T. represents expertise, authority and trust.

  • E.A.T. signals are surely taken as primary ranking signals.
  • it’s part of content quality rater guidelines of Google.


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33. Seo ab split testing

advanced seo

Well, you could always rectify and improve your rankings

  • however it seems tedious sometimes better alternative could be to install a JavaScript which makes changes regardless of you having cms or not.
  • and optimizes your seo without any effort from your side.


34. Eliminating crawl traps

It’s a very crucial step, especially if you want to top the rankings stuff like fetching, rendering, 

  • Indexing and correlation are all relied on crawling.


35. Golden ratio optimization

There are two metrics for consideration, trust flow and citation flow.

  • The ratio of TF and CF should stay between 0.6 and 1.5.


  36. content clusters

Content clustering is to form dedicated sections of site/blog for a specific topic; from there, one can attach other articles around the single topic.

  • Which let the search engine know the main topic through URL hierarchy.


37. Freshness signals

To gain SERP ranking benefit, you must focus on page freshness.


38. optimizing above the fold

As it is said, the first impression is the last, so is the case for the upper portion of the page.


39. Using iframes & AJAX

An iframe is a code which enables a user to embed content from another site to a user’s website.

  • AJAX is asynchronous JavaScript which loads itself after D.O.M. parser renders HTML and CSS.


40. Bert and user-focused optimization

BERT is Google’s recently launched algorithm.

  • User-focused optimization means to reassess user access points to search and align content accordingly.


41. Featured snippet

It’s a modernized concept sometimes referred to as a rank zero on semantic search history


42. Thin content

A more than 400 words content is highly recommended to eliminate any risks.


43. Guest post chance

advanced seo

Generally considered as outdated, still pose useful utility and is also very well and productive.


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44. Blended content problem(HTTP and HTTPS)

Websites with per-installed SSL certificate might appear in HTTP and HTTPS both the versions.


 45. Internal deep linking

In this, anchor text is used to various pages of your blog.

  • it comes handy for showing Google the depth of your pages.
  • which ultimately drives more traffic using landing page and older blog posts.


46. Navigation

Mainly, there are four such types of navigation’s playing a crucial role in search rankings.

  • Namely, faceted, site wide, breadcrumb and slider navigation.


47. Crawl budget optimization

Crawl & index budget both are equally significant for good SERP ranking.

  • Crawl budget is the number of pages crawled by Google daily.
  • Index bloat is a situation in which Google bot crawls and indexes pages in bulk. 


48. External links to high da sites

advanced seo

  • It helps convey link juice to your content when you achieve links from high authority domains.along with it also enhance trustworthiness in Google’s eyes when they are coming from high da sites.


49. In-linking

It’s an old yet effective way for upping the SERP ranking, especially for e-commerce sites.

  • Also sometimes known as a content silo due to it’s a resemblance with silo architecture.


50. Search friendly URL 

  • It should be concise, relevant and easy to remember along with some other criteria.


51. CTA, topical trust flow and UX experience

Trust flow indicates the relevance with referring domains.

  • Call to action is a sort of mechanism used for lead generation or opt-in process.
  • UX experience got to deal with the user experience for serving the best user experience.


52. Rejuvenate old content

If you have been blogging from more than 3 to 4 months, you must have accumulated a decent length of content.

  • There could possibly be traffic-generating posts, the authority of which can be leveraged for better search rankings.
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53. A/B testing and cache version

  • Freshness signals
  • A/B testing refers to the testing of a landing page in two or more alternatives.


  54. Canonicalization

Canonicalization is used to hamper identical content on numerous URLs of a single site.

  • If not done timely, can deteriorate rankings.


55. Keyword density and n-gram analysis

KW density is a percentage of focus keywords present at the landing page. which ideally should be 1 to 1.8%.

  • N-gram means parting continuous form into n- pairs.


56. Google’s crux report

The real user measurements based on crux data is the substantial change we have witnessed.

  • Though it’s not having many contributions in SERP, there is a likelihood Google could rely upon strongly on field data in place of lab data.


57. mobile-first Indexing

It’s a prevalent policy rolled out by Google which indexes and ranks mobile version first.

  • this update has risen the importance as compared to desktop versions.


58. Latitudinal targeting

If you’ve got a local store than Geo-targeting is very crucial in local marketing.

  • It avails you with the latitudinal targeting giving exposure to diverse brands.


59. Dwell time, bounce rate and infinite scroll

It’s the amount of time spent by the visitor before leaving the site.

  • Bounce rate refers to visitors going away to a site or to another page.
  • Whereas infinite scroll means to make landing page scroll endlessly.


60. Dash operator in URL

Using such operator in URL is crucial from both point of view of readability and SEO

  • Which is also recommended by Google in place of an underscore.


61. External link optimization and link juice

Link juice means the significance backlink holds, and it gets evenly distributed when other pages are 

Connected with a page.


62. AMP

After the arrival of the Penguin update, the amp has become the hyped topic. It translates to accelerated mobile pages.


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63. Handling 4xx and 5xx errors

4xx refers to page not found error, which is of the types 401,402, 403 and so forth.


64. Meta view port for mobile

As apparent as it seems, mobile-friendliness of a site bears significance as the mobile users surpassing the desktop users.so it’s the aspect one can’t ignore.


65. Issues affecting overall load time

Well, numerous factors are hampering the load time i.e.,

  • fetch time,
  • initial connection,
  • SSL,
  • HTTP request,
  • Dom content load,
  • waterfall
  • and RTT.
  • While DNS is a time taken by domain lookup to occur when browser retrieves page source and the page load is the time taken to load the last byte of page.


66. Brand signals

If it’s SEO, brand signals become critical. 

  • Which can be boosted with the aid of brand anchor, brand awareness, brand syndication and such other aspects.


67. Referring domains, referring IP and referring c-class

 Referring domains are several domains from which site is acquiring backlink successfully.

  • In the case of referring IP address, it’s many IP addresses, subnet, and c class refers to host IP where the server is situated.


68. Entity salience 

Entity salience is a comprehension, what a specific bit of text or content is about, which is mostly used by Google.

  • When they get mastery fully, it will alter the search results drastically.


69. Anchor text optimization

advanced seo

It is the optimization of anchors within a page.

  • The prerequisite is that anchors should be conveying topics of page.


70. Advanced link building

Unlike conventional link building, advanced link building involves diverse strategies with diverse submissions.

  • Such strategies aids in improving Link juice and referring domains.


71. Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a Method of enhancing sales funnel and lead magnets.

  • It assists in a commercial or lead acquisition.


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72. Merge SEO with pr

Once upon a time, there used to be a distinction between them, with pr was an old school off lime tactic and 

  • SEO was an entirely digital since it’s inception.


73. Penalty analysis and traffic falls

A crucial area in which traffic falls is studied via Google update booklet to find minor algorithm updates.


74. Dynamic queries and intent specification

One can use Item scope property and JSON- LD for intent clarification with dynamic queries.

  • More often than not, this set up is static.


75. LSA

Probabilistic LSA functions by evaluating the wholesome topic behind the content.


76. cro at the landing page level

advanced seo

Unlike other SEO tactics, conversation rate optimization is left undone in digital marketing.

  • It should be considered first, especially once you set decent traffic on your page.


77. LDA cosine and entity search optimization

Lda cosine is the most critical factor in vector space and topic modelling.

  • It’s an interspersed part of natural language processing information retrieval.


78. Knowledge graph panel 

In the age of semantic search engineering, knowledge graph and entity search matching has a higher value for rankings.


79. Toxic backlink repudiation 

Along with ranking declining, it could also penalize you.

  • It is recommended that one should check Status of toxicity at every 20 days.


80. semantic adjacency 

It refers to the habit of using semantic keywords and long-tail keywords in continuity to each other

  • Mostly it relates to the use of keywords with distance from one another.


81. create your unique keywords

As SEO firms are evolving, we should be attentive to any naïve idea coming to our ears without any relevant keyword.


82. co-occurrence

It is a wording match concept which aids in intent and entity match specification.

  • It also facilitates with optimization of a topic.


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83. Topic designing

Also known as a Topic modelling, is an interspersed part of information retrieval and finds it’s principal algorithm established on data mining.


84: SEO (CORA) 

Correlation refers to interrelation or association between two or more things. An SEO specialist can correlate your site with all the sites found in SERP.

  • is a basically correlation software which is granted by https://seotoollab.com/
  • With this tool, you can execute a correlation SEO along with ranking your site at the top page.


85. Multilingual title tag test

The importance of title tag stays the same, irrespective of the language in which you translated your site.

  • If you want to boost your rankings for a localized audience, then you require to alter title tag to suit the keyword search in the target language.


86. Supplemental index

Google comprises two variants of the webpage, namely the main index and supplemental index.


87. Eliminate stop words from permalink

Getting rid of those stop words make URL look cleaner, as they are of little or no use.

  • Also, they make URL seem uselessly longer.


88. Pogo sticking

Pogo sticking is a way of moving up and down in organic position due to equal keyword ranking on discrete landing page URLs.


89. Broken links wiki

As Wikipedia has tons of information On diverse subjects, there are a plethora of broken links that require citation/ reference.


90. Podcast

advanced seo

Seriously speaking, a podcast can improve SERP visibility since it is a ranking signal and also aids with EAT.


91. Going further than google search

In the age of AI and smartphones, one has to go beyond Google search.

  • Since augmented reality is the trendy thing, one needs to optimize a site for apps, portals and VR frameworks.


 92. optimize for Google questions 

Question optimization enable You for improved organic search visibility 

  • Through featured snippets and people also ask results.


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  93. Google news

Optimization for Google news might improve brand awareness by tenfold.


 94. Architectural taxonomy

Architectural taxonomy has to do with website architecture and structural layouts.

  • For exploiting the maximum for rankings, taxonomy must be accurate and precise.


 95. Tag optimization with Jaccard index

  • Even though people get baffled between the Jaccard index and cosine similarity, they both are at variance.


 96. w3c

This is an international depiction for the world wide web organization.

  • It consists of various sets of codes instruction which should be followed appropriately.


 97. Use FAQ page schema

Properly marked up FAQ pages might be qualified to have rich results on a search, which facilitates your site to reach the precise audience.


 98. longer meta description 

advanced seo

  • While the ideal length of description ranges between 55 to 160 characters, it always should be long enough to describe the topic accurately and drive more clicks.


99. Optimize pages for site links

Regulate your brand’s SERP with site links from word tracker – a pro keyword research tool.

  • There is a more likeliness of visits to your site with the search of your brand name.


100. Utilize the competitor’s keyword

If you can reverse engineer someone else’s success and spot their weakness, then you can win more significant and frequent.

Key learning

So that is it, you have it all for what it takes a site to get to these golden tactics, not the easiest ones for implementing, for sure it takes more significant effort than essential link building and keyword research.

But, of course, they are outstandingly effective. They can double your traffic, especially when you devise your content to tell the story. So concentration on user intent together with implementing these golden tactics is a recipe for your traffic success.


2: Data (schematic mark-up), 3: Linking visualization depending on PageRank and modularity, 4: Bucket brigade technique, 5. Handling redirects controllably, 6. Phase-out redirect chains, 7. Flatten your site structure, 8. Semantic search, 9.Voice search optimization (vSO), natural language processing, seo optimized content writing services in, What is Advanced SEO and what it covers ?

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