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February 16, 2020
Website audit

A Magical Journey through the Realm of Website Auditing

In the fascinating world of digital kingdoms (websites), there exists a magical scroll, known as the website audit. This precious artifact helps the rulers (website owners) understand their kingdom’s health, the happiness of its inhabitants (users), and potential threats lurking in the shadows.

Join me, your guide on this enchanting adventure, as we explore the ten realms of the website audit, each teeming with wisdom and wonder.

A Peek into the Crystal Ball: Traffic

Just like a bustling marketplace filled with traders and travelers, your kingdom should attract crowds. The more visitors you have, the more lively your kingdom becomes. The magical crystal ball, also known as Google Analytics, allows you to peek into how many adventurers visit your kingdom and their journey through its many alleys.

The Kingdom’s Heartbeat: Site Health Audit

The site health audit reflects your kingdom’s vitality. Think of it as a health check-up with your royal physician. Here, the physician evaluates your kingdom’s architecture, the ease of navigation through your kingdom, the loading speed of your halls, and more. It’s like having a swift horse pulling your carriage through your kingdom.

The Festival Grounds: User Engagement

This is all about how your subjects interact within your kingdom. Are they exploring your halls? Are they conversing with you and each other? The more engaged they are, the more vibrant your kingdom becomes.

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The Fortress Check: Website Performance

Just as a powerful fortress shields a kingdom, your website performance safeguards your users’ experience. Whether it’s loading pages quickly or ensuring every click leads to the right hall, your kingdom’s performance is vital to keep your subjects happy.

The Welcoming Committee: User Experience

In a kingdom, everyone should feel welcome and comfortable. If your subjects find it easy to explore your kingdom and discover its many treasures, they’re more likely to visit again. And so, ensuring a friendly user experience is as essential as arranging a warm welcome for your guests.

The Magical Tools: Functionality

Your kingdom should have magical tools (features) that help your subjects interact with it. Whether it’s a signpost pointing to the marketplace or a messenger pigeon for sending letters (contact form), your kingdom’s functionality is a cornerstone of your audit.

The Great Library: Content Audit

Every kingdom has a great library filled with stories, and these stories should be original. If your kingdom has duplicate content, it confuses the mystical creatures (search engines) who decide whether to send more adventurers your way or not.

The Mighty Shield: Website Security Audit

Your kingdom needs a mighty shield to protect against evil forces. If your kingdom is secure, your subjects feel safe. This audit uncovers potential vulnerabilities that could compromise your kingdom or your subjects’ peace.

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The Conversion Alchemy: Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Some adventurers visiting your kingdom might be more than passersby. With the right enchantment, you can turn them into loyal subjects. This audit helps you discover where this magical transformation happens or where it could happen more often.

The Dark Magic Detector: Negative SEO Audit

In the realm of SEO, sometimes spells can backfire. This audit helps you uncover harmful SEO practices that might be hindering your kingdom’s reputation with the mystical creatures, allowing you to correct your course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is

a website audit?
Just like a health check-up for your kingdom, a website audit examines how well your digital realm is performing and where improvements can be made.

2. What does site health mean?
Site health represents the strength of your kingdom’s architecture, its loading speed, and other factors that influence the usability of your website.

3. Why is user engagement important?
User engagement is like the lively chatter in a busy marketplace; it signifies that your subjects are actively interacting and enjoying your kingdom.

4. How can I improve my website performance?
Improving website performance is like fortifying your kingdom’s defenses – ensuring quick loading of pages, a smooth user journey, and a bug-free experience.

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5. What is duplicate content?
Duplicate content is like having the same story told twice in your kingdom’s library. It confuses the mystical creatures (search engines), causing your kingdom’s visibility to adventurers to suffer.

6. How does a security audit protect my website?
A security audit is like a shield for your kingdom, protecting it from harmful threats and keeping your subjects’ information safe.

7. What is negative SEO?
Negative SEO is like a spell gone wrong. It involves harmful SEO practices that can damage your kingdom’s standing with the mystical creatures and discourage adventurers from visiting.

As we draw our journey to a close, I encourage you, dear ruler, to regularly delve into these realms and conduct a thorough website audit. Knowledge is your most potent spell, and a well-audited website is your most robust castle. And remember the words of the wise wizard, Albus Dumbledore, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” So don’t hesitate to seek aid when auditing your kingdom! Happy exploring, and may your kingdom thrive in the digital realm.


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