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Website audit

The website auditing process includes:

– Traffic

– Site health

– User engagement

– Website performance

– User Experience

– Functionality

A complete site audit reflects the elements that may result in Google Penalties, which can affect the ranking on SERPs.


Elements of Website Audit:

1. Site Health Audit:

It indicates the architecture and usability of the website. It also frames the potential gaps in content structure, followed by technical gaps and website speed. Additionally, it also unlocks the key opportunities for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

2. Social Media Presence audit:

An active social media audience is very important for the website to get good engagement and visibility. It also detects which channels work the best in weighing in traffic. Content channels may include social media, videos, blogs, and infographics.

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3. Competitor Website Audit:

Auditing the competitors’ websites can be highly insightful for website owners. It unlocks the idea of new strategies and indicates which factors have been overlooked by us.

4. Duplicate Content Audit:

If your website contains any kind of duplicate content, then it may cause an adverse effect on the ranking because it confuses the search engines.

5. Website Security Audit:

It is one of the most crucial elements of a website audit because it identifies vulnerabilities to security breaches. A security audit can prevent compromising the confidential information of a business or its visitors.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization Audit:

It determines how do they occur and where exactly do they get lost. It provides insights on how to convert web traffic into leads.

7. Penalty and Recovery Audit:

When a penalty is imposed on your website already, which has substantially dropped the rankings, then the penalty and recovery audit can determine the reasons for such a penalty.

8. Negative SEO audit:

Sometimes the website owners perform some harmful SEO Tactics on their website, which can harm the ranking and competition. Negative SEO can determine and solve such harmful practices in no time.


The above mentioned were the elements of the website audit. A complete website audit contains all such elements, and it is recommended to go for a website audit periodically. Also, check the latest SEO tips for small businesses.
Also check the href=”https://bestseocompanycanada.com/digital-marketing/local-seo-tips-for-small-business/”>latest SEO Tips for small business.

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