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What you need to know about AMP pages and when to use them

The AMP pages , acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, are an Open Source project by Google communicated for the first time at the end of 2015 and effectively entered into force in February 2016, and are intended to improve the use of information on the mobile side.

Why Open Source? Because, as the company itself reported,  “the companies involved in the initial planning phase wanted to improve the mobile web for the good of all, not just for a select few or for certain contexts. Using open source allows people to share their ideas, to contribute suggestions and code changes, to make the web even faster ” .

In the search results you can identify them by the lightning bolt symbol as in the image below.

How do AMP pages work?

AMPs are nothing more than pages made with the same elements as all traditional pages , therefore based on HTML, CSS and Javascript, but which have some restrictions based on specific rules and tags. In fact, all those elements that “slow down” the site are eliminated, allowing a significant reduction in the weight of a page and its loading time. The AMP pages are 4 times faster than traditional pages, using 10 times less data .

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Several studies show that users leave the page if it has not loaded within 3 seconds , this means, especially for slow sites, a high percentage of lost users. Precisely for this reason, the implementation of AMP can be a winning choice for all those sites that have as their main objective the transmission of information and therefore place the emphasis on textual content.

How are AMP pages created?

If you have a site built with WordPress there are several plugins that can help you to automatically generate AMP pages starting from a traditional page, if you want it will still be possible to modify them to make them more similar to desktop pages and therefore help the user to have a browsing experience. similar to desktop. Among the most popular, we recommend the AMP for WordPress plugin .

Another famous and widespread CMS is Joomla , also in this case the installation of an extension can make your life easier in creating AMP pages . From a thorough search on the web, the most used and well-referenced extension is JAmp .

Perhaps less known but still very valid, it is the Drupal CMS for which we recommend downloading the AMP module that will help you to automatically transform the pages of your site.
CMS and site building technologies are many, in this article we have considered the most common, but on the official site of the AMP Project you can find all the information to build AMP pages and the answers to all possible related problems .

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How to test them?

Once you have built your AMP page you can test it directly within the search console made available by Google: https://search.google.com/search-console/amp .
You can test a single page by entering the URL directly or if you need to test more than one AMP page within a site, you can view the report on AMP pages automatically generated by Google which highlights any problems related to the code or when the page is displayed.

When should you create AMP pages?

The AMP pages are certainly used for newspapers and news sites in general, but are less necessary for institutional pages of a site that is already fast and performing. In fact, Google , according to the statement of its spokespersons, does not privilege AMP pages over traditional well-built and fast mobile pages .

Remember that the AMP pages deprive the user of all the features related to animations and special effects, to favor a clean and essential page, making sure that the user is focused on the contents. So be careful not to fall into the trap of wanting to generate AMP for all the contents of your site, especially if you are an e-commerce , because the AMP pages may not help you to increase the CR, but rather, if they are not well built in a UX perspective. , they could make it worse.

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