Case Study Date 04-Nov-2021


Campaign is a 51 Days old website (Was built and launched in September 2021, you can view the image above that shows the Domains age as 51D i.e 51 Days) and its development platform is WordPress with no Organic traffic before undertaking it.

Global SEO Campaign was started in October 2021.

So, firstly we fixed the On-page issues, worked on technical optimization, improved the internal link structure and worked on the navigation friendly approach, improved content ratio, engaged in website content writing, improved text font style and size, acquired backlinks via authority link building and started guest posting campaign to establish an authority for the website in its niche. Further we did website development and Website maintenance services to keep the optimization level at par with the competition in the niche.

Organic Search growth
Organic Keyword Ranking
new Authority backlinks
Improvement in Visibility

Organic Search Results:

  • 19800% improvement in Organic search impressions within a short span of just one month. ( Monthly Traffic from Zero to 4000+ visits)
  • 4100% was the exact improvement in organic Visits for the client since the launch of the website. This turns out the best period in terms of campaign growth, traffic, and overall Visibility.

Organic Keyword Ranking

  • 2100+ New Organic Keywords are achieved in Google SERP within a month of launch and SEO Delivery.
  • 176+ New Keywords ranking in National SEO results.

Backlink Results:

  • 163 + Authority backlinks achieved in a span of 1 Months.
  • 90% gained backlinks are Do-follow type.
  • 10% backlinks created as No-follow type.
  • All backlinks are created as per SEO Guidelines.

Conclusion - What We Achieved:

When we took over the campaign and started delivering SEO Services, the website had no traction and almost zero traffic and non existent in any of the searches. After delivering customized SEO solutions and high quality in-content backlinks from quality guest posting services, the campaign has delivered great amount of traffic in just 1 month.  This is one of the unique and fastest growing SEO campaign we have achieved, and its worthy to be shared with you.


176+ New Keywords ranking, 19800% improvement in Organic ​search impressions, 2100+ New Organic Keywords, ​4100% was the exact improvement in ​organic Visits , 51D, Backlink Results:, Case Study Date 04-Nov-2021, Conclusion - What We Achieved:, ​, Overview

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