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This is a question that we all have come up with while writing blogs or any article. How to get more traffic to my website or blog.

This is a question that we all have come up with while writing blogs or any article. How to get more traffic to my website or blog.

WordPress provides a secure platform for anyone who wants to start writing blogs. But that’s not the factor. The main motive is to keep it running once you come up with a blog.

If you are in a fix as to how to promote your blog, then fear not we are here to help you out. In this post, we will provide you with proven tricks and tips that will help you get more visitors.

  1. Create a profile to understand your audience and users:

The first important thing that you should consider before coming up with any blog is to understand who your target audience is.

Take out time to understand what they are looking for and what kind of content will be useful to them. Ask these few questions to yourself, and you will understand:

get more traffic to Blog or Website

  • Who is my target audience
  • What problems I can solve through my content
  • Will they be able to find answers to their questions
  • What kind of content they are looking for

These above questions will help you get a better picture and will help you frame the content appropriately.

  1. Do Thorough Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a crucial point to consider from an SEO perspective. It helps to discover what kind of term people are want. Doing proper keyword research will help you:

  • Get the actual term (Keyword) that users are looking for.
  • Will help you get unique content for your blog.
  • Will help you know your competitor well.
  • Will help you understand the tactics of beating the competitors.
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get more traffic to Blog or Website

There are a lot of free tools available that will help you with proper keyword research.

  1. Get Some Interesting Blog Post Ideas:

After keyword researches are done, then make a list of the blog post.

You can take ideas from your competitors and try to come up with better content and ideas.

Search on Google for topics/sub-topics and images to get an idea of what you can write.

get more traffic to Blog or Website

  1. Create Useful and Comprehensive Content:

The most important things are to look for excellent and engaging content for your blog or website. Quality content is what matters to the visitors.

Comprehensive articles are known as “pillar articles.” If you want to create pillar content, keep these following things in mind.

  • You can come up with various content topics. Such as a guide or a tutorial.
  • Pillar content always provides in-depth knowledge of the material.
  • Pillar articles are not time-dependent.
  • Pillar content always provides useful content to its users.
  • Always keep updating your article with new information.

get more traffic to Blog or Website

  1. Create Readable Content for Visitors:

A search engine is fond of long and comprehensive content that covers every information in detail.

Make sure that the content is in easy and simple language as it helps the users or visitors to understand correctly.

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If they have difficulty in understanding, then it will put the users off, and they will no longer be interested in reading your article.

Moreover, your content should cover all the necessary information that the users want. If they are not offered useful information, they will leave your page.

get more traffic to Blog or Website

Here are some tips to make your content user-friendly:

  • Break your content into smaller sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use more readable fonts, a bit large font size with plenty of spacing in between.
  • Check the readability score of your content. You will find this feature in Yoast SEO, which comes with a built-in tool.
  • Use a grammar checker tool. We recommend Grammarly. It helps to make your writing better.
  • Add visual content to your article or blog. Visuals make your content highly engaging and will keep the visitors on the page for long.
  1. Apply SEO to your Website:

You must hire an SEO Expert or an SEO Company to make your content more search engine friendly. There are plenty of SEO tools, videos, and guides available.

get more traffic to Blog or Website

  1. Write Compelling Headlines:

Make sure that the heading of your topic is attractive. Dull headlines don’t attract visitors. When we come across an article in a search result, the first thing that we see is the headline. People usually click on catchy headlines, and people ignore boring ones.

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get more traffic to Blog or Website

Compelling headlines tell the users the primary intent behind the article or blog. It triggers an emotional response. A good headline also includes the call to action for users.

  1. Make Internal Linking a Good Practice:

After creating valuable and enjoyable content, it is essential to link your article from your existing blog post. Known as internal linking.

Here we will discuss the importance of internal linking in detail:

  • Internal linking helps the search engine understand the intent, context, and the relationship between the two articles.
  • It helps to increase page views.
  • It decreases the bounce rate.

Hence we recommend making it a good practice of linking your articles to your existing blog posts as internal linking plays a vital role in SEO.

get more traffic to Blog or Website

  1. Start Creating Backlinks:

A backlink is a link that you get to your content from an external website. Moreover, backlinks help in Google ranking.

It is quite challenging to get appropriate backlinks from reputed websites and blogs. Here we will provide you some tips to achieve it.

Make it a habit to write guests post on other websites and blogs.

Reach to influential and reputed blogs and then tell them about the specific content that you would like them to link.

get more traffic to Blog or Website

  1. Add Attractive Images to your blog post or website:

Adding engaging and highly attractive images and videos will automatically create visually appealing content. It makes the article more readable.

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We human beings love visual content, hence why not to utilize it. Colors and objects trigger an emotional response in our brains, and this keeps the visitors engaged for long.

get more traffic to Blog or Website


These above guides will help you get more traffic to your website or blog, but the most important thing is to keep the content clean and straightforward.


Apply SEO to your Website:, Create a profile to understand your audience and users:, Create Readable Content for Visitors:, Create Useful and Comprehensive Content:, Do Thorough Keyword Research:, Get Some Interesting Blog Post Ideas:, Make Internal Linking a Good Practice:, more traffic to blog or website, Start Creating Backlinks:, Write Compelling Headlines:

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