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Mobile Marketing Strategies

Smartphones are nowadays an essential part of our lives. Life has become easier because of mobile phones. We need everything handy; hence, we need the search engine handy. If we want to market our business, then we should make it available to the public.

The very first thing is, it should be made available on mobile phones. If it’s a website, it should be accessible to many people and that too on mobile other than an ordinary search on the computer because mobiles can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

So, basically, my website should be available in every search engine and on any screen size display.


If we want to offer a free app download as part of a marketing campaign, then the best time would be when there is a major holiday when consumers receive new mobile devices as gifts. The release of newer versions of popular devices can also be a good time to promote and free adds. You can also post ads in between games or launching any mobile apps. Targeting for Mobile SEO Campaign is also a major game-changer in marketing your website.

SMS marketing

Text messages are a personal way to connect with consumers. We should be very careful while sending messages that should be sent to people who have fully opted for them. As with mails, there are strict laws set in place with text marketing. Regular use of mobile ensures that messages can be read at least time and instantly.

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Have a click to call

It is imperative always to have easy access to call. It would be beneficial for the mobile users to directly click on the call button instead of copying the number on the dial pad and then making a call. The call button should be visible and large enough to for potential customers to see and tap on it. The ideal size can be 44-57 pixels.

Mails should be easy to read for mobile users.

While sending emails to people, it should be easy to understand for all the users. Such as it should be easy for computer readers and also for mobile users. Most population is now using phones for their emails, so; it should be easily accessible to mobile users.

Small video or slide show

MMS service is the advanced version of SMS service. The short videos or slideshows can be sent to the customers who have the MMS facility to make our website more exciting and eye-catching. It would be very beneficial because images and videos are more effective than texts only.

Sharing push notifications

Push notifications may be irritating for mobile users. Still, it’s a great way of advertising our websites because in this, the pop up will go automatically, and they don’t have to open any messaging app to read the notification. It is generated by a software application to deliver information to the user in almost no time. It is just like SMS but finds by those users who installed the app.

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An insight on mobile marketing

Mobile digital marketing strategies have many strategies to include in their lists, but some strategies remain at the core and are implemented together. There is never one perfect strategy. To be at the top, one will have to understand the importance of mobile marketing and implement a combination of many mobile marketing strategies.

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, one can also look for a few more strategies that are going to be mentioned over here in continuation with what is mentioned above. One of the very effective mobile marketing strategies for restaurants is location-based marketing. Like the Geofencing technique, location-based marketing allows a website to market itself to mobile users in specific areas.

This technique can be really useful for location- related businesses like travel blogs, restaurants, traditional shops, etc. This technique lets users know which are the must-visit places around them. Including yourself in the list will help you target customers location- wise and help you reach more audiences by attracting tourists and travelers.

What is Mobile Phone Advertising?

One strategy that answers your question of how you advertise on mobile is the Social Media advertisements’ strategy. Imagine there is a person named X. X is tucked in her blanket and is scrolling through the Facebook feed. As she scrolls, she sees an advertisement for your website at the end or middle of the page. She finds it relevant and interesting, so she taps on the link mentioned in the advertisement and lands on your website.

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There are many websites wh0o have proved this strategy to be very useful. This strategy attracts an audience and helps audiences retain a picture of your website’s name or the looking of your website in their minds. Another way the advertisements work is through appearing between mobile apps and games. Imagine X is in his office, and a lunch break is going on.

He is done eating his lunch, so he decides to play a game. While playing the game, he sees an advertisement for your website popping up. He notices that the content of the website is relevant and true, so he decides to tap on the advertisement and gets taken to your website. This allows you to attract a lot of customers and direct traffic to your website.

How do you attract customers to buy your product?

Another trending Mobile marketing strategy is Voice Search Optimization. Many people do not find typing on their mobile phones convenient and purposeful. They say that typing wastes a lot of their time and energy, and they have to constantly keep looking at the screen while typing, which strains and tires their eyes.

In response to these difficulties, Voice Search Optimization was developed by Google. Now, to search for a website, one does not have to type it. They can simply click on the mic button on their screens and say the name out loud of the websites that they want to visit.

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Ensure that your website also has this mechanism where if someone pronounces the name of your website, Google or the respective search engine takes the user to your website without taking much time. This strategy makes your website unique, interactive, and most engaging. Such innovative features help attract more audiences and spread word of mouth between different customers.

Why is Mobile Marketing Effective?

One more strategy is the Feedback forms. Imagine someone scrolling through your website on their mobile phones, and the moment they click on the back button of their mobile phone, a pop-up window displays on their screen. On this pop-up window, your website will be asking for feedback from the customer.

The feedback can be of anything. Be it the content on your website or the feedback on the quality of products being sold on your website; Feedback forms make customers feel wanted and their opinions respected. This strategy helps create an environment where you can gain customer trust and loyalty and simultaneously work on meeting the customers’ demands.

From complaint feedback to idea suggestion feedback, feedback forms can be your go-to to generate ideas and know the customer preference personally and even better.


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