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Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business

A successful digital marketing agency always works with a proven and dependable lead generation strategy. With 53% of marketers allocating more than 50% of their budget on lead generation, it emerges as a tactical influencer in the marketing team’s success.


They employ a mix of different B2B strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Considering that only 5% to 10% of qualified leads successfully convert for marketers, you need to have a strategic approach to get the maximum ROI in this activity.


Lets see what is the take away for a small business if they follow the top strategies followed by marketers. The following are the Eight lead generation strategies for small business.


1 – Optimize your website


Your website is the first thing that your client will see online for assessing your credibility. And that’s why you need to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. There can be many negative factors, such as loading errors, lagging speed, and poor user interface. These factors can be barriers to stellar user experience.


If you area small business, then ensure that your brand’s web presence is optimized for success. Doing so will instill credibility and trust in your client’s mind, which will boost engagement and elevate the level of conversion.

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2 – Have a mobile-friendly version of your site


Today, mobile generates more than 50% of global internet traffic; therefore, you must have a mobile-friendly website. Google rewards the businesses by improving their rank, provided that they have a mobile-friendly site.


You need to optimize sites to be responsive so that they look and function uniformly on the limited real estate of a smartphone screen as well as a laptop screen. Such consistency through a responsive mobile-friendly website will propel your lead generation and provide a better user experience to your customers – hallmarks of an improved volume of quality leads for a business.


3 – Conduct keyword research  


Trends in the market keep changing periodically and similar, the top keywords change too. If you are using keywords from a year ago, then your website traffic is likely to decrease.


You must find currently popular keywords used by your competitors and use them on your website to attract customers. When you keep updating the keywords, it helps your website to rank higher in search results specific to your line of business.


4 – Use social media



Social media is extremely effective for lead generation. Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are three of the most popular platforms for lead generation. You must know your target customers and which platform they use the most so that you can reach them on those social media sites.

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You can share valuable information on social media about your business that is relevant to your users. This strategy will help you generate more leads ultimately.


5 – Link Building


Over 93% of B2B companies state that content marketing is more effective than traditional marketing methods for lead generations. And you would be happy to know that Link Building costs far less than other methods of lead generation.

6 –Content Marketing


All you need to do is put out informative and engaging content on your website or blogs that are worth the readers’ time. It will help you come across as an authoritative, reliable, and customer-centric company that knows what it does.


7 – Upload videos 


There are various platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, where you can upload interesting videos and get a million views or more. You can target the audience that likes watching how-to videos and relatable content. Many people search for reviews and other queries on YouTube.


You can take this opportunity to present interesting videos to your customers. And drop a link to your website in the description box, if people like the video, then they will surely follow the link and contact you.


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8 – Run A/B tests


You can run an A/B test to see which version of your website is drawing more traffic. You can refer to statistical analysis to check the performance of different versions. For instance, a shorter form provides you with more leads, whereas a lengthy form drastically reduces the leads.


Once you have figured out which type of design or webpage is attracting more leads, then you can stick with the same until it stops giving results.


As a final observation


Those were the seven strategies you can incorporate to have a more significant lead generation. You can make use of content marketing, social media, website optimization, video content, and so on to generate more leads.


You must also know that if you respond to your lead within five minutes then you have 9X chances of converting them. Therefore, when you employ these strategies to attract more customers, do make sure to contact them at the earliest to have a better likelihood to seal the deal.


1 – Optimize your website, 2 – Have a mobile-friendly version of your site, 3 – Conduct keyword research  , 4 – Use social media, 6 -Content Marketing, 7 – Upload videos , 8 – Run A/B tests, As a final observation, seo optimized content writing services in

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