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optimize Images GIF and Videos

If you are using images, GIFs, and videos for your website, it is most likely that your page loading speed runs very low. This is because the original size of images and other visual representations are very high. We need to optimize them so that we neither compromise with the quality of the image, nor do we sacrifice the loading speed of the page.

1. Name your images wisely:

To get your image when someone conducts a Google Image Search, you need to keep the file name very simple, to the point and keyword-rich.

For example, If it is a car image, do not go for "DCM1538.jpg", rather go for " Ford-Mustang-Red.jpg."

2. Reduce the file size of your image

Almost 50% of the customers don't even wait longer than 3 seconds for any eCommerce site to get loaded. So, if your image and website keep loading for 10-15 seconds, no user is going to wait. Do not compromise with the quality, but reduce the file size. Sharpen the image for a better look. Also, to perform such editing, you do not need  PhotoShop; this can be done from free tools and another simple to use tools such as Canva, PIXLR, Canva, etc.  Your image size should not be greater than 70kb.

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3. Choose the right file type

Even at the same file size and same quality selections, the same image can vary a lot on the quality due to its file type. It is best to keep the image as a "png" image because they are also serving as an alternative for the GIFs.  Also, try using PNG-8 over PNG-24.

Most of the editing software can help you save the image directly in your desired format.

Optimizing the GIFs

Surprisingly, it is the oldest format and still the most popular format used by the websites. But GIFs bring along a threat to lower the speed of page loading. This can be avoided by:

1.  Lossy Optimization - The human eye doesn't do a very good job with distinguishing subtle shades. Therefore a GIF might contain thousands of pixels with different color shades, but it can still be manipulated to make the file size smaller.

2. Converting animated GIFs to HTML5 videos - Even if you try to manipulate the GIFs, it can still show the error of big file size. In order to decrease the file size by 95%, the GIFs can be converted to HTML5 through open-source command-line tool MPEG or web-based utility Cloud Convert.


It is very important to optimize the images, gifs, and videos so that they can be easily found on the Google Image Search, and they do not affect the page loading speed of the website.
Also, check out the small business SEO guide Canada.

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How to optimize Images, GIFs, and Videos | Tips for Small business Toronto

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