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What does a UX writer do? How do you become a skilled writer on the web? Find out what micro copies are and why the UX writer profession is becoming indispensable.

The web hosts a great variety of contents and micro-texts with which we interact every day, even without noticing. Behind these texts there are professionals with specific skills, since  it is not enough to know how to write – and not even to know how to write well – to establish effective communication with users.UX writing

Among these professional figures, that of UX writers has emerged in recent years. If you are a freelance web writer or have a blog or e-commerce site, knowing UX writing techniques can really give you a competitive edge over the competition .
Let’s find out what UX writing is, what UX writers do and why big companies (but not only) need it more and more.

What is UX writing? Discovering copywriting that marries the user experience

UX stands for user experience , so UX writing is nothing more than a web writing technique that strongly takes into account the browsing experience of users. The task of the UX writer is to guarantee the user the most pleasant and simplified experience, guiding him in his permanence on a website. How? Through small portions of text, the ” micro- texts ” (or microcopies ), which make up the menu items of a site, buttons, form fields, instructions, error messages, etc.

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How should be a microcopy?UX writing

  1. Simple: the texts must be clear and easy to understand. The aim is to simplify navigation for the user and make all the steps more fluid;
  2. Encouraging: especially if the user is asked to entrust their data or to proceed with a purchase operation, the text must be reassuring and encouraging, allowing the reader to recognize where they are and not to leave what do you think “what could happen if I clicked on this button?”;
  3. Original: to make a real difference, it would be appropriate not to use preset expressions in communication, but to personalize your tone of voice in line with the brand identity. If necessary, you could be more professional or more friendly, sometimes even witty and thoughtful. The ideal would be to make sure that the user is convinced that he is dealing with a real person, not a machine.

Those who deal with UX writing take a further step compared to the copywriter : we are not in the presence of an epochal change, but of a natural and necessary evolution of the profession, both from the point of view of contents and skills, which become richer and richer. transversal.
It is good to keep in mind, in fact, that writing is only the final phase of a complex process of analysis , addressed both to the target audience – perhaps with the study of buyer personas – and to the brand itself that you want to communicate.UX writing

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Can UX writing really make a difference in a web strategy?

If your motto is ” user first “, the answer is yes. If it isn’t, it should be! A user satisfied with his interaction experience with an interface – whether it is a web page, an app or any digital service, such as a newsletter – is a user who gladly extends his stay on the service and prepares to make conversions .

On the contrary, a user who comes across a site with attractive graphics and interested content but is not able to immediately understand how to navigate the navigation and how to get what he needs, will soon leave the page and try elsewhere to satisfy the its necessity.UX writing

Furthermore, UX writing allows to strengthen the brand identity as it becomes the very voice with which the brand expresses itself. All this makes it possible to “humanize” the dialogue process with users, personalizing the experience based on the character of the brand and consequently on the target.

The tone of voice that Spotify’s UX writer will adopt will certainly be different from that of Amazon, for example.

How do you become a UX writer?

As we said, being skilled lyricists is an indispensable but not sufficient requirement. Creativity is not enough, it is necessary to combine it with a deep knowledge of the target and skills in analyzing and interpreting data to monitor one’s strategy and be ready to continually question it. A professional in this field works closely with other figures, such as UX designers and CRO specialists, who cooperate to ensure the best user journey . Additionally, it should be able to read a heat map and perform frequent A / B tests to measure itself against user feedback.

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At least a basic knowledge of SEO copywriting is also essential . Think, for example, of the snippet of a page in SERP: the title and the meta description are nothing more than microcopies that must capture the user’s attention and convince him, with clear and speaking indications, to click on the link. If these small portions of text are not optimized for SEO, you risk not favoring the positioning of valid and user-friendly content.UX writing

In the United States, Sweden and Spain – where international corporations are based – that of the UX writer has already established itself a few years ago as a vertical and specific profession .

And in Canada? We started talking about UX writing only recently, more in terms of methodology than a real profession. Often – actually, almost always – it is the same people who deal with web strategy, copywriting and UX design who deepen their skills for the production of “user centered” content.

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