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How to write plagiarism free content for websites 9666 500x333 - How to write plagiarism free content for websites

Plagiarism is the use of someone’s work without taking permission. It is not only for the written material but also for the creative and art industry. Plagiarism is a crime and it is considered a dishonest action.

There are different kinds of plagiarism. Like copying an entire text, using chunks of different text or the recycle of previously written material. Plagiarism is harmful as it can disrupt your academic career and may harm your content.

Tips to follow

There are many tips and tricks by which you can make your work authentic. These tips will help you to create new and fresh content. To write plagiarism free content following techniques can be followed:

·         Research methodology

After selecting a topic the most important thing is research. Always search for your topic. During research gather the main points. You can brainstorm on any creative topic or can make notes for it by note-taking methods.

After writing the main points you can explain these points in your own words. It will not only make you creative but also make your work plagiarism-free.

·         Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the art of rephrasing. It is an easy technique that can help you to write new content. For this purpose just read available information two to three times carefully and then rewrite it into simple language.

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As everyone has a different writing style the rephrased material will surely be different from the original material. In this way, you can rewrite plenty of material without being accused of copyright. You can rephrase your text by paraphrasing it.

There are also many tools for this purpose. You just have to copy-paste the material on this tool and they will automatically rewrite it for you. Some Famous tools for this purpose are Prepost SEO, Spinbot, Paraphrase Online, etc.

·         Plagiarism checkers

After writing any material check its plagiarism percentage. By this method, you can make changes to your content only at necessary places.

There are different types of plagiarism checkers. With these tools, you can measure the uniqueness of your content. To use them just paste your material on them. And you will get a lot of information about your content.

Information you may get is the percentage of plagiarized content, unique content, phrase match, and used sources.

·         Synonyms and adjectives

After finding the amount of plagiarism you can remove it in many ways. The best and quick way to follow is to modify the sentence structure. Learn to play with words.

You can change the content simply by altering the words into their synonyms and by the addition of adjectives. By changing wording you will not disturb the sentence structure but will secure your content from copyright violation.

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·         Citations

Always cite your material. Citations are the most important part of every written material. In this way, you can give credit to the writer and can increase the credibility of your work.

There are different citations style. You can pick up your one from them. You may add citations after the copied work or at the end of the article in the form of a bibliography. Through citations, readers can access the source.

Making citations is hectic work but dint worry you can do it through software. This software can be free or paid. Some important tools for citation generation are Cite this for me and the Citation machine.

·         Hyperlinks

You can make your content unique and plagiarism free by using hyperlinks. There are many benefits of these hyperlinks. You can give credit to the source by these links. In this way, you can refrain from plagiarism.

You can also provide extra knowledge to your reader. Whenever a reader clicks on the hyperlink, he will directly approach the original article. Hence it will also increase your website credibility.


Plagiarism is a crime that can harm your image or can cause the cancellation of your work. It can be done on an academic level as well as on a professional level. It is a serious threat to academic and professional reputations.

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There are many ways by which you can avoid it. You can eliminate plagiarism from your work through appropriate research methodology. It can also be done by proper citation and hyperlink trick.

Moreover rephrasing your written material and adding synonyms or adjectives can also make your content fresh. To cut a long story short there are different tips by which you can save your work from plagiarism.


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