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Seo Local has acquired an ever greater weight in web marketing strategies. What are the best practices for ranking in the top results of local searches?

If you run businesses, such as shops and restaurants, making the most of Google My Business can be the right way to increase your customer base. Especially if your activities are strongly local, appearing on Google Maps when users search in their geographical area is now essential.

According to the latest statistics compiled by Google , 80% of commercial searches are carried out on a local basis, or by combining a service or product with a specific place. For example: users are interested in knowing if a pizzeria is still open at a certain time of day or if the reviews released by previous customers have been positive or negative.

To optimize the search, Google increasingly rewards relevant results based on the search area, or by referring to the geo location or IP address of the individual. This is why defining a local SEO strategy in the best possible way could be fundamental in order to improve one’s positioning on Google .

Why is Google My Business increasingly important?

For some years now, Google has reduced local results and this has made the optimization of Google My Business listings increasingly important . In this case, even the smallest tricks for SEO optimization can be fundamental to ensure that your site has a better positioning on search engines than the competition.

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Generally, the factors that need to be paid more attention to are:

  • geographic location : the closer you are to the searcher, the more likely you are to appear in search results;
  • the relevance : this depends on the evaluations of the users;
  • the consistency of the data entered in the Google My Business card: be careful to ensure that these are the same between the site and the social network of your business.


Let’s see in detail how to improve your online presence by making the most of all the SEO tools available.

Google My Business: registration and first steps

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is register your business on Google My Business : for this you will need a Google profile. In case you have not done so yet, you will have to register your activity in “Add activity” by entering the data requested. Google will also ask you for an actual verification that verifies the veracity of the position you have provided, all through a postcard that you will receive in business or thanks to the process in which a code is sent to the issued phone number. registration, it will enter as much useful information regarding your business. How can you best optimize your card? Let’s see how to best index a site by facilitating Google’s work thanks to SEO optimization.

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Google My Business and local SEO optimization

First, enter the real name of your business. Changing it later in order to improve your SEO ranking is not recommended: Google must match your Google My Business profile with the real business.

What are the other numerous precautions ?

  • Matching contact information : as we have already anticipated, it is essential. For example, entering two different addresses for your business between website and social network would be a fundamental mistake, which would not help you improve the positioning of your business site.
  • Choose the right categories : it is especially useful for users, who can immediately realize what kind of activity it is, but not only. Google will also be able to understand more easily whether your business is relevant or not to the searches performed.
  • Insert quotes : in this case we refer to the online references of your business. Taking care of your social networks will also greatly affect your SEO strategy .
  • Completely complete the card : the boxes with a brief description or detailed presentation of your business are also essential. Fill them in by entering city, province and the keywords you think are most appropriate.
  • Using photos : another factor that can affect your ranking and your presence on Google maps . Better if they are real images rather than logos, and even better if they are taken by you. Each of these will need to have their own tag to help Google index them.
  • Pay attention to reviews : only businesses with a minimum of 5 total reviews will have stars in the search results. This testifies how customer feedback can be as fundamental as your SEO copywriting activity .
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The strategy underlying the SEO Local, therefore, provides for many and different steps which, if followed with attention, commitment and constancy , can help improve the positioning of your site on the search engine. The Google My Business cards are fundamental in this process , but above all their completeness and the consistency of the data presented, this will allow you to collect concrete and important results for your business.


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