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Bridal shower invites are really important whenever you are hosting a bridal shower. It is because you need to invite the people you want with the correct information. You can send a simple WhatsApp text or create an invite using various bridal shower templates from the internet. However, a lot of people do not know how to make a proper invite – here is everything you can include in a bridal shower invite.


A Quote 


Quotes – they are simple sentences but can add a ton of value to your message. Look for quotes online and add a few lines at the top of your invite. It is not necessary but it will add a great touch to your invitation. For example, you can simply write “You are invited at this time at this location”. Now, this is completely okay. But starting your invitation with a warm quote will make it ten times better.  It can be a simple sentence or anything – if you can add something that has a sentimental value to you, it will be much better.


Guest name on the envelope


This one is a given, but it is extremely common among people to not name the ones who are invited on the envelope. Yes, you are sending the invitation to their home. But the name of the gest on top of the envelope will add a personal touch to the invitation. You can do a social experiment to check this, and hand out the invites to people with and without their names. People will appreciate the invitation with their name on it more than the plain one. Because of the fact that it will give them a sense of belonging. Therefore, when you are handing out invites, make sure to add the names of the people who are invited. You can either type it out or handwrite the name.

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Details of the event 


The details of the event are extremely important to the invites that you hand out to people. It is because they will have to know where they are invited. For example, you can make an assumption that the people who are invited will know that the event is at your home. However, to save your guests from the confusion and yourself from the endless calls. Make sure that the exact day, time, and venue of the event are mentioned on the invite.


Name of the bride/host


Yes, you may wonder – why is mentioning these names important on the invite? Just for the fact that the invite will have a sentimental value to your a few years down the line. Therefore, you can add a simple touch and mention the name of the host or the bride on the invite. On top of this, if you are inviting a lot of people – then the name of the bride should be mentioned to let people know about the bride/host of the event.




In the end, add an RSVP for the guests. For example, the name of the person and their contact details. Anyone from your friends or family who can respond to the guests in a timely manner should be added as an RSVP on the invite. It is important because people will know who to contact if they want to know something about the event. It is a small gesture but it will mean a lot to your guests.

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Invitations are extremely important to ensure that people show up to your event. This is why you need to follow a pattern or rather a number of steps when you make your invitation.


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