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Tips to Increase the Speed of Your Drupal 8 Website 9731

Drupal 8 is a great website development software for developing portals. Those unaware of Drupal must know that it is an open-source content management system like WordPress to build sites. While growing sites, users are always concerned about the performance and functionality power. Hence, to keep your site up with great efficiency, it is recommended to View Linux shared hosting plans to host your Drupal sites on Linux servers.

Linux servers are considered to be the top-performing servers for volumes of resource-heavy web projects. However, you have to choose a reliable web hosting company like MilesWeb. Steadfast managed hosting services by MilesWeb host your websites with the guaranteed uptime upto 99.95%.

But this is only one factor in enhancing the Speed of your Drupal 8 sites. Many more factors are involved in boosting the Speed of Drupal 8 sites. In this post, we are mentioning a few of them.

What are Drupal 8 sites?

Drupal 8 is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that helps website owners to publish their website in different languages. Also, these sites are accessible on different devices. Many government organizations, NGOs and other firms use this content management to build websites.

Drupal 8 is the advanced version of Drupal. It has some amazing features for your website content and enhances users’ digital experience. This core platform has more than 200 new in-built features for website owners.

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This content management system is developed in PHP language. Thus, it is the best website development software for users, and many of them are getting valuable results by using this content management system.

Ways to Enhance Drupal 8 sites’ Speed

1.      Minimize External Resources

One major problem many website users do not consider is minimizing external site resources. By external resources, we mean that affiliate links, ad sharing, or extra additions slow the website. After all, due to more resources addition, websites will experience speed or page loading issues.

For instance, you could lose valuable time by adding every Google Adsense block to the website content. However, it is an excellent digital marketing activity to maximize the revenue of business marketers.

Unfortunately, adding too many AdSense blocks on the website will minimize its Speed. Hence, we suggest you keep minimum external resources on your website and enhance its Speed. Servers have limited space to host your websites, and if you put more load on them by adding more content or files on your website, it will affect the page loading speed time.

2.      Focus on Caches

If you remove caches from the website, it will increase the website’s Speed. Visitors who visit the website accept cookies to access sites and their content. It’s like saving websites’ settings on a program you use regularly.

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The major drawback of using this system is it affects the page loading speed, and users have to remove the cache every time to enhance a site’s Speed. In earlier versions of Drupal, it was a challenging to remove caches, but not the same case is with Drupal 8.

It has some amazing in-built features to remove caches. Hence, users do not have to install additional modules to accomplish this task, and you can also take the help of some extensions that have greater control and versatility.

3.      Update the PHP Version

PHP is the computer language on which Drupal is built. This content management system is built on the PHP language and there are different versions of PHP. Due to older versions of PHP, your Drupal site may get slower. Many web hosting providers offer cPanel (the control panel to manage domains on servers). In this control panel, users have the feature to change versions of PHP with a simple drop-down window. Select the relevant version and enable it to maximize your site’s efficiency.

However, while doing the same, you must be looking for programming scripts and modules. There are some of them which do not support all versions of PHP. For that, you have to research a bit on the internet. Moreover, uninstall all old version plugins of PHP from your Drupal sites. Advanced versions do not support older plugins and might lead to page downtime.

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4.      Careful with image size

High-resolution images or HD quality images take more storage. Due to this, there are website loading issues. Depending on the size of the files, will affect the sites’ performance. You must integrate compressed images on websites, and after all, compressed images take less time to load.


Drupal 8 sites are essential for your online credibility and web presence. Use all of the above-mentioned tips to enhance the Speed of Drupal 8 sites. Also, do not ignore the importance of choosing reliable web hosting companies. Web hosting infrastructures are important to host websites with complete efficiency.


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