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Technical Tasks Behind Increasing Web Traffic A Guide 9735 1 500x237 - Technical Tasks Behind Increasing Web Traffic: A Guide

If the internet is a ceaseless and noisy highway of people visiting different websites, then web traffic represents the number of people who peel off the highway to take notice of your brand and your company. For many, erecting flashy billboards in the form of paid adverts is a simple way to divert traffic to your site. But there are other, more technical ways to reroute that web traffic to your home on the web, which this guide aims to introduce the beginner to in four simple steps.


Google Listing


Getting listed on Google means that web users can find you via the search engine. That’s hugely important – otherwise, they’re going to have to find you via social media, websites that link to you directly, or by typing in your specific URL into their browser. As you will know, it’s far more common for people to find you via a search engine than these other methods. So getting listed on Google is crucial, and you can achieve this by indexing your website on the search engine. That’s the start of your journey to search engine optimisation.




Next up, you’re going to want to engage in all the tricks that’ll help you boost your performance on search engines. Performing better on search engines means being found by more people, which equates with finishing higher in Google’s search results listings. That’s the goal of SEO: helping you to climb up the rankings by using technical methods like keywords and key phrases used throughout your website. Basic SEO is fairly simple to run on your own, using tips from the internet, but there are more advanced and technical methods that you’ll need the help of an SEO agency to complete.

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Building Links


One of those more technical tasks is link building. That means establishing hyperlinks from other websites that link to your own. Of course, that can direct traffic to your website from alternate sources – but it also helps show Google that you can be trusted – that other websites value you enough to link to you. That helps to promote you in search engine rankings, often just as much as the keywords you use. Click Intelligence offers a link building service to get you set up in this form of increasing web traffic – building links on your behalf to key pages on your websites.




The key that helps hold all of these technical efforts together is your sitemap. What exactly is this? Well, it’s a little like a real map, but it’s made for Google’s crawling algorithm. It helps show that algorithm all the little corners of your website that you’ve made SEO improvements on. That’s important, because otherwise, Google might skip over these significant improvements, leaving you without the benefits that you made. A good sitemap will help to show off your entire site to Google, giving you the best chance of finishing higher in the search engine’s rankings.

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Make these technical changes to your website in order to increase web traffic through to your website in 2022.


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