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If you’ve been involved with running a Facebook campaign at least once , you will agree with me that there are 3 main factors that determine the success of your ads: you don’t have to worry only about creating an engaging ad and offer a good product or service, but also to reach the right audience.

During the  design of campaigns , the latter factor tends to be underestimated, and target planning becomes a mere mechanical exercise. After reading this article you will realize how a well-structured target represents a strategic asset and should absolutely not be underestimated.

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Because you need to understand your target customers.

To date, there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook and, if we want our campaign to perform, it is necessary to narrow the audience and focus only on the people who might be interested in our offer.

To achieve this, we should study the target we address, knowing their interests, behaviors and habits to create targeted content capable of attracting and engaging users.

What is Facebook Audience Insights

At this point you are surely wondering how to find the right audiences.
There is a tool that can help you do this: Facebook Audience Insights.

Facebook Audience Insights is a very powerful Facebook tool, totally free, through which you can deeply probe a target and quickly analyze various data.

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Audience Insights are really helpful in identifying your potential target, looking at multiple hypotheses, and getting insights on how to target your next campaigns. Facebook Audience Insights is not intended as an alternative to the Business Manager target creation and management tool , but as a useful complement.

The most common mistake is to consider Audience Insights as a simple tool with which to narrow down a target we have in mind and save it for later use in the Ads Manager. In reality, as you may have guessed, Facebook Audience Insights is much more and can be a very powerful analytics tool.

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What data does Facebook Audience Insights provide us with?


In this Facebook Audience Insights tab it   is possible to view precise demographic data regarding the age, gender, sentimental situation, level of education and professional title of the selected target.


One of the most interesting things to look at in Facebook Audience Insights is the Page Likes tab: this tab shows the pages and page categories most relevant to the selected audience.

One of the most interesting data that this card offers us is the affinity score with which Facebook defines the probability that your audience will like a particular page compared to all users on Facebook. If you see a very high affinity score, that page is probably highly interesting to your target.

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Thanks to this tab we can identify the geographical areas in which the audience we are analyzing is most present.

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Finally, it is possible to analyze user behaviors such as the number of Likes, Comments and Shares in progress.

But remember that Facebook only provides you with data if you select an audience with at least one thousand people. If you don’t reach at least a thousand users, I suggest you remove some useless targeting options or expand your geographic area.

Unfortunately, the opposite can also happen. If your target audience is too large, the data won’t be relevant at all. When this happens, replace general interests with something more specific to get better insights.

How Facebook Audience Insights Works: A Practical Guide

To access the tool you must necessarily have an advertising account.

Create an account or log into your Business Manager (or Ads Manager), click the drop-down menu at the top left and select Audience Insights .

Once you arrive on the main screen, a popup will open, which will give you the possibility to choose whether to analyze Everyone on Facebook or the People already connected to your page.

The first option is useful for obtaining information on which to base your strategy and build your audience based on the data provided by Facebook.

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If you want to know more about your audience, you have to choose People connected to your page. By analyzing the information available, you will obtain the data necessary to personalize the content to be conveyed to your users.

Once you have chosen one of the two options, you can start working on the tool. The idea is to build a personalized audience step by step . In fact, as you enter the parameters you want to filter from the menu on the left (even just the place), on the right the tool will give you all the detailed information.

The information display is really very intuitive: the gray bars represent the averages for all Facebook users and the blue ones represent the audience we are analyzing.

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In this way we can understand if a certain characteristic of our audience falls within the average of Facebook users (and therefore is not relevant), or not.

Once you have identified your potential target, don’t forget to save it and use it for your Facebook advertising campaigns !


Imagine that you are the owner of a record shop in Milan and in recent years business has not been going very well. You would like to learn more about the singers followed by 18 to 22 year olds in your city.

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Through the search results of the “Like on the page” tab it emerges that young people between 18 and 22 years old in this period mainly follow the social profiles of singers such as Fred De Palma and Sfera Ebbasta.

How can you use this data?

Given the strong interest of our audience at the moment for these singers, you could plan sponsored campaigns, perhaps linked to a contest (for example by giving away the latest Fred De Palma album!). This activity could be very useful for bringing even the youngest back to the store!

Now that you understand the great potential of Facebook Audience Insights, you just have to put yourself to the test!



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