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Knowing how to do a Keyword Research is essential when we talk about the optimization of websites for search engines : in fact, this activity will lay the foundations for the rest, such as the architecture of the menu and the textual contents, both of the site itself and of any blog linked to it.

As explained above, a few basic tricks are enough to set up a Keyword Research :

  • identify the reference topic and the search intent of the users;
  • understand what type of keyword you need (informational, transactional, etc.);
  • divide the keywords found into reference clusters.

Starting a search for “professional” keywords, such as that related to an e-commerce, however, is not easy and cannot be reduced only to these three indications, it is a complex job that must be done with the right tools.

Tool to do a Keyword Research

There are several SEO tools, available in both free and paid versions, which are able to provide support in this activity. Their main task is to return a series of keywords linked to the topic or to the specific keyword that is initially indicated.

As mentioned before, making an effective Keyword Research is not easy so we advise you not to use just one tool. However well formulated this may be, it will not be sufficient to identify all the facets and the various related keywords . Try, therefore, to use at least two of them and to draw your conclusions in a thoughtful and logical way without relying completely on a single result proposed by an instrument, which still remains artificial.

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Google Adwords Keyword Planner


The Keyword Planner is one of the most reliable tools as it is owned by Google. This tool in the free version returns a search range by keyword, but in the paid version the search volume shown is much more specific. There are two operations that can be done with:

  • Identify new keywords
  • Get search volumes and forecasts

This tool can be used both as a starting point for keyword research and as a tool for monitoring historical search volumes, as well as forecasts on possible future performance.

The first feature, the one you are interested in right now, can be used in several ways. You can enter one or more starting keywords and then analyze all the related ones accordingly or enter the URL of the site considering it in full or only for a specific page.

This Keyword Research tool also allows you to choose to view keywords based on pre-set language and location, as well as to know volumes based on a selected search period.

The result will be a raw list of related keywords that you can download in Excel format so you can easily analyze, filter, delete and make your keyword research complete and divided by cluster.

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Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool


Semrush, one of the most popular paid tools in the field of SEO, also includes a keyword scouting function , in this case you can find out the organic and paid search volume, the functionality in SERPs and the number of URLs shown for that keyword.

But not only that: you can decide whether to filter the results for a generic, exact word or phrase match, choose to show all the keywords or only those in the form of a question and, finally, to exclude those that may be related, but semantically distant.

By research intent. Also in this case it will be possible to choose the search language and the location in order to avoid incorrect considerations on the volumes of words that do not concern the country you want.

On the left side of the results screen, Semrush returns a clustering giving the number of keywords available per group. Although in this case there are many filters and online features, we always recommend that you download the results in Excel format and make your own considerations and clusters.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel


Unlike other keyword research tools , Ubersuggest focuses, instead of on dry keywords, on long-tailed ones, that is composed of more words that will obviously be more specific, with more measured volumes, but in line with the trend of research of today and of the future: that of Voice Search .

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More than to create the architecture of your site, this tool will be able to give you interesting ideas for the contents by responding in a targeted way to the informational queries of users and to understand the search volumes that revolve around a specific topic that could be covered in the blog of the your customer.

The search starts as always from a basic keyword, also in this case you can set different flirts: select the search language, include and exclude some related keywords, choose to display keywords only with certain search volumes and analyze their SEO Difficulty (estimated competition in organic research).

In addition to returning the suggested keywords, Ubersuggest also shows an overview of the SERP which for each result shows in turn:

  • monthly organic traffic;
  • number of backlinks;
  • a domain score, given by the tool;
  • social sharing.

All the outputs are downloadable in Excel to give you the possibility to modify, update and do all the analyzes you need.

The tool is completely free, but once registered, features are added, such as: a greater number of related keywords , daily monitoring of the ranking of selected keywords and personalized SEO recommendations.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is an SEO tool for Keyword Research that proposes a circular chart every time a starting keyword is entered. The output consists of information related to Google’s suggestions : prepositions, questions or comparisons related to the initial keyword. These will be very useful if your customer has a blog or an information site with a lot of content while it will be more complex to use them for example to understand how to create the menu architecture.

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The chart shown can be downloaded either as an image, to show your client or in a presentation, or in Excel to be manipulated quickly and easily.

In the free version you can only choose in which language to receive suggestions while with the pro version you can also choose to view results by location , exclude some keywords or sections, save reports, high resolution images and compare your searches.

Therefore, there is no suitable Keyword Research tool for everyone, but everyone can bring important considerations to your research. Always choose to combine at least two tools if the intent is to have a homogeneous and effective result and remember to draw your own conclusions regardless of the clusters or queries proposed.


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