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What is SEO?

The acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) defines all the optimization activities of a website, useful for improving its positioning in the organic results of search engines.

SEO is by no means an easy task as search engine algorithms are constantly updated. Today, we can certainly say that, although constantly evolving, Google’s algorithm is mainly based on 4 factors:

  • Contents
  • Popularity
  • Reputation
  • Link


A good SEO strategy requires numerous tools that can analyze data and information, some of them provided for free by search engines. In this article you will find some useful tips to get started in the best way to do SEO on WordPress.

8 tips for SEO on WordPress?


If you are just starting SEO, a key tip is not to be obsessed with ranking, rather focus on the overall growth of your site.

Remember that getting a good position in a search engine’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is a process that can take months.

To check the positioning of your site on search engines you can use Serprobot .


Search engines take speed into account as a ranking factor. A good web hosting service will affect the page loading speed allowing you to always be reachable by users and the search engine spider.

To decrease page load times and improve user experience you can use a caching plugin, reducing the load on the web server. One such plug-in is  W3 Total Cache .

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Of course you have to choose a good domain as well. We recommend that you opt for a domain with an SSL certificate.



Yoast SEO is the best plugin for doing SEO on WordPress, useful for optimizing the contents and other aspects of your site so that it can always rank better on Google.

What you need to do is Install Yoast SEO on your site and enter the setup wizard. You can choose whether to display features such as: SEO analysis, readability, cornerstone content.

The plugin also allows you to manage   your site’s XML Sitemap. A  Sitemap is a document that contains the list of all the pages of the site and will help the crawlers of the search engines to index them.

By opening the Content types tab, you can also set the various options relating to articles and their visibility in the results of organic searches. Blog and post titles are critical when it comes to your site’s SEO.

Also pay attention to the Meta descriptions. The latter, while not having an effective value for SEO, are decisive: a well-made Meta description is able to attract more visitors to your site.


This aspect is rewarded by the  search engines . Use a  responsive theme that can allow your site to be correctly displayed and used also from mobile.

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Filling a page with keywords , to the detriment of the quality of the content, is one of the main reasons for penalizing search engines . However, when used correctly, keywords play a fundamental role in an SEO strategy.

Below, we recommend 3 useful tools for keyword research.


1) Google Keyword Planner , reachable from the Google Ads online suite, is the most used keyword research tool . The tool returns various information on keywords such as search volumes and is able to suggest new words to use in relation to a website or a phrase.

2) Google trend allows not only to know the trend of the words, but also to obtain a graph with the trend of the keywords in a given period of time.

3) Keyword Sheeter : once the keywords have been entered, it searches for phrases composed of the keywords indicated and enriches them by formulating the so-called long tail or long tail keywords , or phrases with a low search volume but which can register a high rate conversion, as they are very specific.


By compressing and resizing images, you also reduce the weight of the page , thereby improving loading performance. Optimizing an image also means contextualizing it with respect to the topic being dealt with. Use the alt attribute   to enter the description of the image using possibly a keyword.

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The information contained in the links is essential for search engines.

Direct links to the Home Page and to the internal pages of your site related to the topic you are dealing with.

Always favor text links (anchor text). The presence of keywords in the anchor text improves the relevance of the keywords used on the landing page. In addition to inserting a keyword in the anchor text, a meaningful description is important: the link must be inserted in a meaningful speech.

Also make sure you don’t have any broken links, ie links that lead nowhere, causing a 404 error. To fix broken links, use the Broken Link Checker plugin   as a site with 404 errors is considered untrustworthy and overlooked.

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Choose targeted back links that refer to well-indexed content on Google. Do not link to sites that are spam or that have received penalties, otherwise your site will also be penalized by Google.

A link from an authoritative site can earn several positions on Google , but getting them naturally is not easy. Generally these links are acquired through exchanges with other webmasters.

Once you have a link building strategy in place,   you need to monitor the links. To do this, I recommend using specialized Majestic SEO paid tools or Monitor Back links.


Here are some tools that can help you understand the status of your site and how to intervene to improve its performance.

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Seo Tester Online is one of the simplest tools to use and able to provide a general overview of the status of the search engine optimization  of websites, information such as on page optimization, page loading speed, compatibility with mobile devices.

Even Google Analytics gives us very valuable information, which can analyze the performance of the website to improve and increase visitor traffic . Once the site has been registered on Analytics, you need to paste the data tracking script generated by the tool into the header.php file on WordPress or use a specific plugin.

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From the moment the code is operational, Google Analytics will provide us with information on the number of visitors, on their behavior on the site, on the most performing pages.

With the Google Search Console you can instead check the status of indexing on Google . You can see the most visited pages and keywords that triggered our snippet on the search ranking, as well as the average position of the keywords detected.
Google Search Console also gives us a report on duplicate and HTML content errors.

Semrush is one of the most complete paid tools able to offer us a complete overview of website optimization thanks to its numerous analysis and reporting tools.
Among other things, it allows you to analyze the domain and individual pages, search for keywords and track positions, track back links , perform traffic analysis and spy on competitors.

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