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What is lead nurturing?

Building a winning digital strategy is a matter of time and study but above all of trust and quality relationships to be intertwined and maintained over time with Internet users. Internet sites represent the digital evolution of shop windows : they must be designed and maintained. in detail for a glance that is not easily forgotten, they must also offer a simplified and easy browsing experience to maximize conversions.

What happens when a user lands on a site and shares information about himself? It turns into a lead and it is a result that can be achieved on a large scale thanks to a correct lead generation activity . But what happens next? Relationships , just like in real life, must be cared for and maintained : we then enter the field of lead nurturing . Let’s see what is meant by this terminology and how such a process can positively influence business development .

The importance of content marketing to be successful

The lead nurturing campaign is based on performing communication with each lead and prospect . This is where content marketing comes into play , which deals with the creation and dissemination of quality content, newsletters and info. The target? Completely respond, after having intercepted them, to questions from users and the public in order to solve their problems. Offering concrete solutions in case of doubts or difficulties is the best way to facilitate sales and conversions in the long term.

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That connected with the lead nurturing strategy (literally ‘nurturing the contact’ ) it is one that does not want to teach or lead the public to make purchases. Rather, as mentioned, the focus is on identifying the needs of users, consequently adapting the contents conveyed based on the target or individual person .

The goal, therefore, is to inform and entertain by focusing on a very high level of personalized communication. The marketer, taking advantage of the dissemination of interesting content (informative articles, videos, infographics, and so on) can gradually inform users what are the values, objectives and solutions offered by a particular company. To the point of turning them into recurring customers. So, in summary:

  • lead generation is the process that consists in attracting initially anonymous users so that they turn into customers after obtaining contact info;
  • lead nurturing is the path that develops step by step and that allows you to establish lasting relationships with potential customers. We try to keep the brand in pole position in the minds of users. Spam and generic emails are banned (and useless).

Lead nurturing: email marketing and how to exploit it 

In addition to content marketing, there is another perfect modus operandi for doing lead nurturing, namely email marketing . With e-mail we now give each other the you, both inside and outside the office. We must not be in too much of a hurry to conclude, in case we need to structure a relationship of trust that – growing over time – will lead people to buy (the contact will turn to the brand sure of obtaining satisfaction).

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Taking an opposite and less personalized decision, spreading generic or outdated emails or content will push people – who will only be annoyed – not to want to consolidate any relationship. The email marketing campaign must comply with certain requirements: the contents must be conversational , targeted to a certain niche of public and coordinated with other digital tools as well as precise and in-depth .

What can we do for you

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