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When I started exploring Facebook Ads, I literally discovered a new and initially complicated world: I just wanted to understand the basics to be able to conduct a marketing campaign for a personal project, but I ran into “big words” like Facebook Ads Manager, campaigns, ads, ad set, creative.

Creating a  Facebook Ads advertisement  is quite simple, but creating an ad that achieves good results for the lowest possible expense is a complex process that requires a good deal of technical knowledge and experience.

Now, after following and launching several successful and profitable campaigns on Facebook, I have decided to share what I have learned to save you hours of research.

9 500x338 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns

Step by step, in this guide I will explain everything you need to start experimenting with this tool and how to edit your ads and optimize your advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads.

Before starting, take a minute to think about your business: what are the goals you would like to achieve as soon as possible? Would you like to increase sales or visitors to your website?

Only by knowing what you want to achieve in advance can you properly configure your ads and track your key performance indicators (KPIs) that let you know if your ad is effective.

Advantages of advertising on Facebook Ads

Social media is a tremendous source of traffic for increasing the visibility of your business, building loyal customers, and generating leads and sales.

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It doesn’t matter the nature of your business – your audience is on Facebook and they spend most of their time there. In fact, according to the latest published data, 2.2 billion people connect to Facebook every month and on average a person spends about an hour a day sharing, commenting and updating their status.

7 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns

The first advantage of using Facebook as a marketing platform is related to its reach, in fact its user database is huge and it is possible to publish targeted ads that target specific people based on age, interests, behavior and geographical location.

How to create a Facebook Ads campaign

To create your first ad with Facebook Ads, you must first enter the Ads Management page . You can also reach this section from your personal profile, by opening the menu and clicking “Ads Management”

You will find yourself on the home page of your Ads Manager and to launch your first campaign, just click on the green “Create” button.

The structure of Facebook Ads campaigns

Once you have created your account, your Facebook Ads ad must consist of 3 parts: a campaign, an ad group (Ad Sets) and an ad (Ads).
These elements make up the so-called campaign structure.

Here’s what the structure of Facebook Ads campaigns looks like:

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Think of the campaign as the basis of your ad: in fact, it is the first level container for organizing the bid strategy, targeting and ads towards a single advertising goal in which you define what you want to achieve with your advertising.

It helps you ensure that your work and any ads you want to create always stay structured, making it easier for you to manage them.

Can I set up more than one Facebook campaign?

Sure, indeed you have to! Facebook’s algorithms are very sophisticated and help you show your ad to users who are most likely to perform the action you want – just choose the goal that best matches what you want to achieve.

How do I know which Facebook campaign goal to use?

5 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns


An ad group is a structure level at which to define the publication mode. At this stage, the target audience must be defined by choosing elements such as place, gender, age, interests, etc. and specify an expense budget, listing schedule, and placements.

Note that a campaign can include multiple ad groups, each with different targeting, scheduling, and budget options.

  • Choose a unique name for your ad group. (It can be useful for organizing your Ads Manager)
  • Who do you want to show your ads to? Define your target audience by entering place, gender, age, interests related to your product / service, etc.
  • Define the budget for your Facebook Ads campaign. If you are starting from scratch, starting with smaller budgets can mean long-term results (3-5 months), while for larger investments you can get the first results within 1 week.
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There are two other types of audiences to show your ads to: custom audiences and Lookalike audiences.

The custom audience (custom audience) includes a slice of users registered on Facebook who have already come into contact with you, through the simple visit to your website, the email address, the interaction with a content of your page.

Similar audience (Lookalike) allows you to reach new people who may be interested in your company as they exhibit similar characteristics to users who have interacted with your business.

4 1 500x333 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns

4 tips and tactics that will help you showcase your promotional content to the right audience.

1) Use Audience Insights

Audience Insights is the Facebook tool with which you can analyze the online behaviors of your audience, their interests, age, the pages that attract their attention to make targeting your campaigns better and find new ideas of users to show. your message.

By improving buyer analytics, not only will your messages perform better, but you can prevent the ad budget wastage you might run into by setting the wrong audience.

2) Analyze purchasing behavior

If someone bought a product through a Facebook Ads ad , the chances of them doing it again are high. Facebook uses this information to promote your ads to people who are most likely to interact the way you want them to interact.

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How to do? In the targeting section you can select the “buying behavior”.

1 1 500x282 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns

3)  Events in life

Did we mention that Facebook has access to everything you share? While this may sound a little creepy, it’s a really useful way to get key insights into your audience.

You can decide to show your Facebook campaigns only to certain people who share a specific moment of life: wedding, move, travel, etc. Again, you can select the options available in the targeting section.

4) Exclude people, but for good reason

Many advertisers launch campaigns by inserting a myriad of possible interests of the typical customer, but in some cases they forget to exclude certain types of people.

Why should I avoid showing my advertisement to some people? For example, people who have bought from you and are loyal customers will likely get tired of seeing advertisements promoting products they have already bought. Or, if your business provides a highly specific product in a certain niche, it would be wrong to show it to people who aren’t interested.

2 1 500x281 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns


A Facebook ad is the final level in the Facebook campaign structure hierarchy.

At the ad level, you can choose the format of the ad and what customers or target audience will see: the title of your ads, content, photos or video assets, as well as the destination URL and a button to call to action.

  • Choose a unique name for your listing. (It can be useful for organizing your Ads Manager)
  • Insert photos / videos / carousel images / texts / destination URL etc to your listing.
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The advertising formats you can use depend on the advertising goal you have chosen at the campaign level. The goal can also affect the placements (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network) in which your ad will appear.

While it may seem complex at first, this Facebook Ads ad structure was designed to help advertisers succeed. Once you’ve structured your account and campaigns correctly, all you need to do is keep an eye on your key performance indicators (KPIs) and test which ad performs best.

3 tips to improve your Facebook Ads campaigns


Facebook Pixel is a single piece of JavaScript code that, once implemented on the pages of your site, measures the results of your ads by tracking what actions people perform on your website. Why is it useful to install the Facebook Pixel on your website?

  • It allows you to analyze the actions of users on the site after clicking on your sponsored ad.
  • It allows you to create re targeting campaigns by reaching people who have interacted with your business through targeted advertisements (personalized audience).
  • It allows you to reach users similar to those who interacted with your website, with the “Similar audience” function.
  • It allows you to measure and analyze Facebook Ads ads.
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3 - Facebook Ads guide : Create Your Online Campaigns

How to create the Facebook Pixel.

Within the main menu in the Ads Manager, you can find the Pixel item and, once inside the specific section, you will find the “create” button. Next, you need to install it in the code section of your website.


It’s easy to think you know what will catch your audience’s attention, but our insights aren’t always right. Once you’ve decided to launch your first ad, consider experimenting with different elements of the campaign to find out what works best.

What elements of my listing do I need to change?

You can test ad headlines, text, images, calls to actions etc to find out which elements work best for your target audience . Overall, the general suggestion, however, is not to overdo it: it is useless to create hundreds of experiments within a single campaign if you do not have an adequate budget. Start with micro experiments, testing only a few elements.


Need inspiration to create better ads? You can always learn from the competition! Obviously the goal is not to copy and paste what your competitors are doing, this would be called plagiarism, but to analyze ads for similar businesses to improve ads, get new ideas and improve your online strategy.

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After the scandals of the 2016 presidential elections and those of Cambridge Analytics, Facebook has decided to focus on transparency and has developed an internal platform in which all the ads active on Facebook at the time of the search are grouped . This tool is Facebook Ad Library .


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