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What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is a specifically structured web page that the visitor reaches after clicking on a link or an advertisement. In fact, it is a separate page from a business’s official website and is designed for a specific marketing campaign .

Why this separation from my main website? Simple, this separation allows you to design the entire page focusing on a single goal and makes it easier to analyze, report and any optimization changes.


The objectives of a landing page can be two:

  • Induce the user to make a purchase directly.
  • Instruct the user to leave their contact information so that the sales team can get back to them at a later time.

The job of a landing page is to tell visitors exactly what they need to do and why they should do it, with the primary purpose of converting them into leads or customers.

Choose the goal of the landing page

The first step to creating an  effective landing page is identifying the exact audience to target. I recommend that you always start with in-depth research on the type of ideal customer: understand specific problems, motivations, preferences, etc. is the key to being able to create high converting web pages .

Now that we know the audience we’re targeting, it’s important to identify the specific actions we want them to take.

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What actions do you want to generate? Here are some examples:

  • Phone call: This is often the ultimate goal for companies offering highly customized products.
  • Promotion of an event
  • Promotion of a free trial
  • Subscription via email to a contest, newsletter or discount code: the main goal of companies that offer a larger package of products or services and often prefer to automate the sales process.

Once the final goal has been determined, the landing page must be created keeping in mind the action we want visitors to perform.

Identify your audience’s problem

What are the problems your service can solve for customers?

Once you have clearly identified the problem, where it obviously exists, you have prepared the ground to explain in simple terms why you are more than qualified to solve it and how you intend to do it.

Explain your solution in emotional terms: communicating effectively means going beyond the “what” and diving into the “why”.

So what value do you want to offer your customers?

How to create an effective landing page

Creating an effective page  is very important for your web marketing strategy . Let’s see some tips right away to create a perfect Landing .


Even if your landing page content is truly unique and innovative, a weak headline will ruin your chances of success.

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In fact, the title is the element that immediately strikes your reader and, to ensure that the latter is attracted, it is necessary to be direct immediately, intrigue the user and entice him to continue reading.

How can I write a good title?

  • Try to write at least 10 titles – some will be better than others, others will be really terrible. You have to get rid of bad ideas before you find what works.
  • Focus on the solutions you offer and how you solve the problem your readers / customers find relevant to their experience.
  • Use the words and language of your audience.


To attract visitors to your landing page and get them to take action, you need to create compelling and emotional copy. You must be able to explain the advantages and added value of your offer in a clear and direct way: what better way than to use the same language as your audience?

The first thing to do is to immediately clarify what the page is about and what actions you want the visitor to do. To achieve greater conversion, it is necessary to limit the amount of distractions within the landing page to what is necessary and organize the contents in an adequate and logical structure.

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How can I write clear content?

  • To write compelling text, you first need to know exactly who you are talking to. Always start with an in-depth research on the target audience: once you have identified specific motivations, preferences, habits, etc., you can write highly converting texts.
  • Put the most important information first.
  • Rather than just describing what you have to offer, think about what your audience hopes to receive – there is a difference between explaining the features of your product and explaining the benefits of using that product.
  • Speak directly to the reader by including words and phrases like “you”, “your”, “subscribe” etc.


The eye always wants its part. Graphics are not only important in generating a conversion, they also represent a business card for your business.

To make communication captivating, it is advisable to use colors that are not too aggressive and choose quality emotional images and videos.

Remember to use a responsive layout, so that the landing page can be viewed from any device, even from mobile.


To generate a conversion, and therefore reach the desired goal, it is essential to include  at least one call to action within the landing page , i.e. a call to action. The call to action must be inserted inside a button with an attractive and clearly visible graphic, capable of attracting the visitor’s attention.

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The type of call-to-action to use depends on the goal of the landing page and the type of specific actions we want visitors to take.

Therefore, its graphic design and layout within the landing page is very important . Here are 5 practices for designing your call to action (CTA) .

  • Make the button stand out by using bold colors that stand out from the background colors.
  • Insert the button in the top half of the landing page.
  • Use short, action-oriented sentences. Your call to action text should not exceed five words.
  • Speak directly to the reader by including words and phrases like “you”, “your”, “subscribe” etc.
  • Create a sense of urgency to get people to act now.


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