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Ecommerce Marketing

The holiday season will soon be just around the corner. However, you can pretty easily spot it from a mile away. So, have you prepared for the holiday season sale? 


In 2020, we were all trying to stay afloat during the COVID wave by staying indoors. Some of us were fortunate enough to enjoy holidays with our loved ones. In contrast, some celebrated it by delivering holiday greetings and gifts online.


We also saw a striking drop in in-store sales owing to the lockdown restrictions. Resultantly, the world embraced e-commerce shopping.


According to the e-commerce data by Adode Analytics:


The holiday season sale in 2020 managed to soar high by 32% more than that of 2019. The massive flight earned the e-commerce industry $188.2 billion worth of revenue.


That said, start planning the e-commerce marketing strategy for the holiday season.


So, from actionable marketing tips to best conversion tricks, we have all the festivities you need. 


10 Actionable E-commerce Marketing Tips for Holiday Shopping 



  1. Personalize the Shopping Experience on Your Site


First things first, personalization wins you sales, and you can’t ignore such a crucial factor.


In fact, 86% of shoppers say that personalization significantly impacts their buying decisions.

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So, you need to personalize the user experience this holiday season to capture sales.


So how do you do it?


Here are several actionable tips to help you personalize for the holiday shopping:


  • Employ AI-based personalization tools for your site. These tools will analyze the consumers’ shopping behavior and their browsing history. And based on this data, the tool offers them personalized product recommendations.


  • Combine personalized product recommendations with special holiday season discounts.


  • Showcase a season’s greeting message with the customer’s name on it. This greeting will make your customer feel valued, and this will translate into sales.


  • Address the customers with their names. And amaze them with a holiday season offer on a previously checked product.


  • Replace the “sold out” messages with a message that affirms that the stock will be back soon. This allows them to add the stock to their Wishlist and buy it when it is available.


  • Personalize the ‘Thank You’ messages with their names to boost customer loyalty.



  1. Utilize Omnichannel Paid Advertising 


I am sure you have some PPC holiday ad ideas up your sleeve. But, if you are still to brainstorm about your holiday ad campaigns, start early!

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Here are some PPC ad tips you must try this holiday season:


  • Prioritize Your Remarketing Campaigns


The CTR of remarketing ads in e-commerce is 180.6% higher than the display ads.


The consumers who have shown interest in a product are probably waiting for the holiday season. If you pitch them with apt remarketing campaigns, they are most likely to convert.


That said, you can expect good returns from your remarketing campaigns.


  • Use Product Listing Ads and Shopping Ads


Product Listing Ads with holiday season discounts can help you earn good CTR and sales.

Moreover, you can try the Google Showcase Ads as shown below.


  • Use Several Ad Extensions for Search Ads


Google Text Search Ads can help you create a buzz about your holiday season sale. You can showcase several ad link extensions to highlight the holiday shopping landing pages.


Here is an example from the e-commerce brand SEPHORA:


  1. Summon Influencer Marketing to Boost Sales


Influencer marketing works surprisingly well for e-commerce businesses.


And businesses can attract huge engagement and sales during the holiday shopping season.

All they need to do is find the right influencer to promote their shopping event and

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E-commerce businesses yield an average of $6.50 in revenue for every $1 spent on an influencer. The returns can range up to $20 for already popular e-commerce brands.


Influencer marketing on Instagram even outperforms social media paid campaigns.

Moreover, YouTube influencers are capable of creating good hype about your holiday season.


Along with influencers, connect with bloggers and media agencies to create the right buzz.


Also, motivate your affiliate network to promote your holiday shopping event. It can get you impressive reach and a decent increase in sales.



  1. Upsell and Cross-sell To Grow Average Order Value


Holiday shopping is about promoting the best discounts, amazing bundle offers, and bringing smiles to your customers’ faces.


An effective way to capitalize on holiday shopping is by upselling and cross-selling.


In the holiday shopping season, customers visit your site with a surplus shopping intent. And you can easily translate it into significant revenue.


Discount deals on combo packs and upgraded product versions increase the average order value.


Moreover, these offers increase the probability of conversions on your site.


A good upsell and cross-sell deal improves customer loyalty and repeat ordering rate.


In fact, upsell deals work 60 to 70 percent better on existing customers.

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You can promote your upsell deals on several occasions along the user journey:


  • On the product page itself
  • At the time of check-out or on the user’s cart page
  • On the Thank You page
  • In the “Thank You for Shopping” emailer
  • In Push Notifications and Remarketing


By placing your personalized upselling offers at the right location and at the right time:


  • You can significantly boost the average order value
  • You can reduce the rate of cart abandonment
  • You can boost conversions by creating a sense of urgency
  • You can attract repeat orders



  1. Create A Rewarding Hype on Social Media Channels


Today, almost every e-commerce brand is drawing significant value from social media.


In fact, few e-commerce businesses are facilitating their entire operations through social media.


That said, social media unveils a massive potential to boost your holiday shopping sales.


Here are some tips:


  • Add Shopping Event Pages and Create a Hype


Facebook allows you to create shopping pages for your e-commerce business. In the same way, you can create pages dedicated to your ‘holiday shopping event.’


Meanwhile, a good Instagram popularity helps you promote your holiday sales easily. You can create a buzz by starting 1-2 months before the main event.

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You can create posts dedicated to holiday shopping, add these to stories, ask followers to share them, etc.


Instagram Shoppable Ads also attract over 130 million clicks every month.


  • Grow Sales with Social Media Ads


Social media PPC ads yield impressive engagement and CTR for e-commerce businesses.


And you do not have to limit your holiday season ads to Facebook and Instagram. Instead, you must leverage other popular platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.


  • Run Contests and Sweepstakes


You can convert your followers into mini-influencers to promote your holiday shopping event. However, they might need some motivation.


So, you can plan some viral social contests and sweepstakes to motivate them. The winners can enjoy great holiday season discounts and even giveaway products.


Your goal is to cash upon huge sales in the holiday shopping season.



  1. Plan Targeted Push Notifications to Grow Engagement


Push notifications secure over 7 times the clicks than emails. Moreover, the former has 50% higher opening rates than emails.


So, you must plan catchy push notifications for your holiday shopping event.


You can send the web push notifications to the users who accept your notification request.


And these notifications help you get impressive reach and user engagement.


You can plan personalized notifications along with exclusive offers based on a customer’s browsing history.


If your e-commerce business has a mobile app, utilize mobile push notifications.


These notifications have a higher reach and CTR than web notifications.


You can type of offers with push notifications:


  • Remarketing offers with exclusive holiday discount
  • Notifications to promote flash sales
  • Upsell and cross-sell offers
  • Notifications to boost repeat orders



  1. Leverage Email Marketing to Keep Your Customers Engaged


Well, a lot of consumers curiously wait for holiday season deals and discounts.


And a great way to find these curious consumers is in their email inboxes. Holiday shopping emails generally have a commendable opening rate and drive positive sales.


You must plan with your holiday shopping emailers early, i.e., 15-days before the event.


These emails can help keep the consumers informed about the upcoming shopping event. It also creates the much-required buzz about the event among your target audience.


By planning your emails early, you give your customers enough time to prepare for the sale.


You wouldn’t have to hit them aggressively 1 or 2 days before the event.

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Moreover, they will check your site early to add their favorites in their carts if they are informed. And would place orders as soon as the holiday sale hits the shores.


Emails can source you customers who give the initial boost to your holiday season sales.


Here are some ideas to plan your holiday shopping emails:


  • Plan early emails to build excitement around the upcoming holiday season sale
  • Mention the event dates, the discount range, and highlight the flagship offers
  • Keep the emails personalized, address the readers with their names, etc.
  • Use their browsing history to generate remarketing emails adorned with holiday discounts
  • Build a sense of urgency using terms like “limited stock” or “2-hour flash sale,” etc.



  1. Optimize Your Site Speed Before the Holiday Sale


So, you have planned your holiday shopping marketing campaigns and emails. But have you optimized your e-commerce site speed, and is it capable of handling these high load times?


As per Dotcom-Monitor, 75% of visitors choose to abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load.


In a Google Webmaster video, Maile Ohye says,


“2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half-second.”

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Therefore, you must optimize your e-commerce site speed before the holiday shopping event.


HubSpot reports that 80% of shoppers wouldn’t return to your site if they are disappointed by its low performance.


Hence, you are most likely to lose potential customers to your competitors if your site speed is low.


And you wouldn’t want to witness a huge bounce rate. That too, even after spending abounding efforts in holiday shopping campaigns.


Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are effective ways to optimize your e-commerce site speed: 


  • Employ CDN (Content Delivery Network)


CDN helps you host your site data over a global network of servers and offers sufficient bandwidth. It alleviates the load on a single server and processes user requests from the server closest to their location. Thus, increasing page load speed.


  • Minify and Combine Page Files:


Minifying and combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files helps reduce the number of HTTP requests. If you have a WordPress e-commerce site, use WP Minify Plugin or WP Rocket for this process.



  • Use Gzip Software to Compress Web Files:


This process helps decrease the file sizes and can increase the loading speed by up to 70%.

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  • Load Page Asynchronously: 


Asynchronous loading enables multiple elements to load simultaneously. Thus, eliminating any delay in the loading process.



  • Compress Images with WP Smush plugin: 


You need abounding images for your e-commerce site. In fact, 66% of consumers wish to see a minimum of 3 images before purchasing a product.


However, if not compressed, too many images can slow down your website load speed. So, if you have a WordPress site, you can use the WP Smush plugin to compress images automatically.



  1. Decorate Your Site with Intriguing Holiday Season Offers 


As you welcome the holiday season, your site must look adorned in celebrations: confetti sprinkles, irresistible discounts, limited-time offers, and whatnot.


Your visitors must join your celebrations by opting for the holiday shopping offers:


Here is what you need for commandeering this holiday shopping season:


  • Adorn your site in the holiday shopping theme.
  • Customize the Home Page with holiday shopping banners, exclusive deals, trending products.
  • Create dedicated landing pages for holiday shopping events. And promote them on several channels.
  • Add holiday shopping banners, popups, and gif banners throughout your site.
  • Keep your site visitors informed about the holiday sale at least ten days before the event.
  • Arrange site contests to reward the visitors with exclusive discounts on holiday shopping. ‘Spin The Wheel,’ ‘Share with Friends,’ and ‘Post on Instagram’ are a few contests. These can help you promote your holiday shopping event by increasing visitors and sales.
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I hope you already got the idea!



  1. Deliver Impressive Mobile Shopping Experience


Today, mobile devices source an almost equivalent amount of traffic to an e-commerce site as desktops.


In 2018, 53% of total website traffic came via mobile devices.


Moreover, Google considers mobile-friendliness and mobile page load speed crucial for e-commerce SEO.


So, ensure that your e-commerce site works seamlessly for your mobile users.


Some areas you must scrutinize:


  • Make sure your site is purely mobile-compatible right from images, content, media, etc.
  • Optimize your e-commerce site speed on mobile devices to load in under 3 seconds.
  • Ensure that the CTA buttons and other functionalities work seamlessly for mobile users.
  • Utilize mobile push notifications smartly as these can source stellar user engagement.


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