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Businesses worldwide are making a massive transition toward an online presence instead of the brick and mortar stores. Traditional business activities are now becoming outdated. Hence, websites have become the new place to connect with customers and sell products. However, to make websites accessible, they get steadfast web hosting for small business or large businesses. WordPress is the leading content management system for building websites.

Thus, website owners worldwide prefer WordPress to build websites and scale their online presence. Almost the top 14.7% of websites are powered by WordPress, with a market share of more than 63%. That is why WordPress users are increasing not just on an individual basis but also from a business point of view. Many enterprises leverage the WordPress software to build and host websites with the cheapest WordPress hosting plans.

Now, most of you will have the query about why WordPress is so popular for businesses to build their online credibility. Many other web development platforms like Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and others are available in the market. Still, WordPress is popular content management system software.

How is WordPress helpful for Search Engine Optimization?

While making websites, you have to ponder over one fact that you need to attain a better search engine ranking. You need to follow some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts for that purpose. WordPress is a leading CMS (Content Management System) with several built-in features and plugins.

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These plugins give valuable metrics on SEO analysis and much more. One plugin, Yoast, gives information on keyword density, H1 & H2 tags, content length, readability, and much more. All those factors are essential to make your blog content SEO optimized.

And we all know that SEO optimization gives the content more rank and traffic. With more traffic on websites and applications, you will get more leads to convert and generate sales.

Moreover, with the help of WordPress, users create and submit an XML sitemap that gives search engines and their bots that webpages exist on the internet. Hence, the crawling process by search engines becomes an easier process for search engines.

Then, image optimization also adds a crucial factor to the SEO and search engine rankings. In WordPress, you can easily add alt texts and other elements to optimize images. Upload them to CMS, and optimize them within a few clicks.

How is WordPress Helpful for Business Websites?

1.      WordPress is Open-Source Systems

WordPress is an open-source content management system with no fees and costs involved. Website owners can get it for free from online or with web hosting plans. With more exposure to content management and features to build websites within a few clicks.

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Download the WordPress software with the online domain name of .org and it will not cost you a single penny. As far as data security and website maintenance is concerned, if you are opted for WordPress hosting plans, the hosting partner will be taking care of web hosting operations.

2.      Updated themes and plugins

There are many WordPress plugins available to make the web hosting processes easier. Also, many themes according to the genre of your websites are available to transform your WordPress sites into eCommerce, blogging, or others. Free and paid plugins are available online; you can download them. Next, choosing a theme is a daunting task for website owners because among thousands of themes available online. So, which one will you be choosing?

Plenty of premium themes that are professionally designed with additional capabilities to make your site accessible on mobile and desktops as well. Therefore, you will not be targeting only one target audience sector. Many other audience groups are also there where you can maximize the reach of your business.

3.      Adding Website Content Is Fast and Simple

When it comes to web design and website building, normal website owners require proficient coding experience. That is why normal website owners use JavaScript, Perl, Python and other coding languages like HTML to build websites. These languages are perfect, but it takes too much of time to build websites.

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However, with WordPress, simply drag and drop content management features develop a compelling website. Within minutes your website is ready, and you are ready with your brand online. That’s how simple your website development will be.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is the best content management system that offers a plethora of features like plugins, themes, and other tools that helps in making websites in no time. This software can use tags to enhance your search engine optimization efforts further. Also, if you have chosen reliable WordPress hosting plans, there will be no performance-related issues. MilesWeb brings the best WordPress hosting plans for website owners with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. You will get a reliable hosting infrastructure if you opt their hosting plans.


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