Let’s face it, for many people, marketing often equates to promotion; which shouldn’t surprise us, given the daily bombardment of TV commercials, announcements and telephone promotions .

Marketing is an advertisement. Marketing is a brochure. Marketing is a press release. And more recently, marketing is a Facebook page or Instagram account .

The reality is that marketing is exactly in the middle between the company and the customer: it is the set of activities that a business undertakes to communicate and propose products and / or services that have value for consumers and meet their needs, in exchange for a profit for the seller.

I like to define marketing as the art of knowing how to create and manage an exchange relationship between two subjects: it is the conversation that arises “between two people” who do not know each other well.

To meet the needs of its customers, the company must start with simple questions:

  • “Who are my consumers, what do they want and what do they keep?”
  • “Where, when and how does our consumer want to communicate with our company?”

Only by constantly analyzing your customers, sending surveys, studying their purchasing habits, you can create engaging experiences.

And it is the consumer, therefore, with his needs and desires, who is the pivot around which marketing revolves.

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The famous 4Ps of marketing

Marketing is present in all phases of the business, from start to finish. It is therefore difficult to narrow it down to a simple definition: it concerns all aspects of a company, including product development, distribution methods, sales and advertising .

In its most basic form, marketing tries to “present the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time”, but behind this simplistic statement lies a hard work of planning and research.

Product, Price, Place (Point of sale / distribution) and Promotion constitute the essential mix that a company needs to market a product or service. As we said, the 4 PS of marketing :


A product is a tangible asset or intangible service that a business offers to customers. Ideally, a product should satisfy a certain consumer demand or create an alternative to existing products.

At this stage, it is essential that the marketer understands how the product stands out from the competition , if it can be combined with a secondary product and how to promote it on the market.


When establishing a pricing strategy, companies must take into account some variables, for example: unit cost of production, costs of marketing and distribution costs, the purchasing power of our target market . If our target customer is price sensitive, firms must also consider the price of competing products on the market and whether the proposed price is sufficient to represent a reasonable alternative for consumers.

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How will the product or service be distributed? To be successful, a product must be available in the right place at the right time. The marketer needs to know which are the best distribution channels in which potential buyers can normally search for our product. Is it a traditional shop? Is the research done on the Internet?


This P is probably what you expected from the start of the post: promotion involves any online or offline advertising that the marketing team creates to increase awareness and interest in your product and ultimately lead to more sales. .

Type of marketing

Marketing can be roughly divided into offline and online methods. The offline marketing consists of promotional activities of “traditional” such as printing, promotion on radio and television and participation in events such as conferences and trade fairs.

However, communication is shifting more towards online marketing . This is because consumers are spending more and more time browsing the internet and digital marketing offers several advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and data analysis.

Let’s take a look at some types of online marketing activities a business can undertake:


Publish content in different forms to build brand awareness and fuel customer relationships. The Content marketing is usually thought of as a kind of digital marketing , but can also take place offline. Examples of content marketing include blogs, social media posts, infographics, and videos.

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Commonly known as SEO, this is the process of optimizing the content on your website to make it more visible to search engines and attract more traffic from organic searches.


Companies can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to create conversations with users / consumers with which to establish a 1: 1 relationship and reach a wider audience through digital word of mouth.


Once there were only commercials, now marketing is aimed at creating and promoting videos that entertain and educate key customers.


Regularly send email communications to users who have subscribed to your list to build relationships and increase sales.


Form of online advertising that is aimed at existing or potential customers who have visited your site, but have not immediately carried out the desired action (purchase, contact, registration, etc.). For example, if a user has visited a particular product on your site without buying it, with a retargeting campaign , we can show a personalized message to that same user to convince him to purchase.


The brand is promoted through the social channels of those people (bloggers, youtubers, Twitter users, Facebook pages) who create high-impact conversations with your ideal target audience. L ‘ Influencer marketing is a concept closely linked to social media and lets you create a strategic word of mouth that affects significantly the visibility of a brand, the actions of followers / fans dell’influencer and on their purchasing decisions.

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These are just a few examples of digital marketing activities a business can undertake today. Each of these strategies should not be understood as essential and does not consist of a single action or tool: to develop an effective marketing plan for your business, it is necessary to identify the most effective marketing activities for you, aimed at achieving a goal. .



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