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Session recording refers to the act of documenting the interactions between the sales team and the customers by recording them on video. With session recording, companies can learn about what works, what doesn’t work, and why these things happen, which in turn helps improve their sales performance. Here are 9 reasons from WatchThemLive why session recording is important for business success.

1) Poor Speakers = No Insight

No matter how great your product or service is, if you can’t explain it well, you’re not going to sell it.

That’s why session recording is so important as funnel analysis– it allows you to listen back and identify what went wrong and what you can do to improve. Additionally, by recording your sales sessions, you can keep track of the buyer’s journey and better understand what your customers are thinking and feeling.

2) Good Speaker = No Hit Buttons

You know how frustrating it is when you’re in the middle of a great presentation and the speaker hits a button that advances to the next slide before you’re done writing down what they just said.

Well, your audience feels the same way. advance too quickly, you run the risk of losing their attention completely. If you’re not sure what buttons to hit or when considering investing in a session recording for your next presentation.

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3) Better Recording = Higher Engagement

If you’re not recording your sessions, you’re missing out on a critical component of customer engagement. Here are nine reasons why session recording is important for business:

  1. It allows you to review and improve your performance.
  2. It provides valuable feedback from customers.
  3. It helps you troubleshoot customer issues.
  4. It builds trust and credibility with customers.
  5. It increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. It reduces customer churn.
  7. It can be used for marketing and sales purposes.
  8. It can help you train new employees.
  9. It’s simply good business practice!

4) Student Satisfaction = Better Sales

It’s no secret that providing a great customer experience is essential to maintaining and growing a successful business. Studies have shown that happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend your business to others.

And one of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is by recording and reviewing customer service interactions. Here are 9 reasons why session recording is important for business


5) Easier Fix on Problems

By recording user sessions, you can go back and watch what exactly happened leading up to a problem. This makes it easier to find and fix the issue.

You will be able to make informed decisions on how to prioritize your time so that you are not spending it trying to fix issues that have already been solved in other areas of your business. With session recordings, businesses also save money by avoiding re-hiring people who were let go because they no longer work with technology.

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6) Faster Replays with Clarity

When something goes wrong, it’s helpful to be able to review what happened as soon as possible. With session recording, you can watch a replay of the entire session to see what went wrong and how you can improve things. Learn how to record internal audio on windows 10 so that you can watch the recording while listening to the conversation and not waste time watching videos. The clarity of the recording also allows you to pick up on small details that you might have missed otherwise.

7) Shorter Onboarding Processes

When you have new employees, it can be difficult to train them on everything they need to know about the company and their specific roles. This is where session recording comes in.

By being able to watch and listen to recordings of past training sessions, your new employees can learn at their own pace and catch up more quickly. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces stress levels by allowing employees to feel confident and competent from day one.

8) Higher Revenue from On-Demand Recordings

Consumers are willing to pay more for on-demand content than ever before. And businesses are benefiting from this trend by offering recordings of past sessions as a way to generate additional revenue. Here are reasons why session recording is important for business:

  1. It helps you identify and track buyer behavior patterns.
  2. You can improve customer satisfaction scores by addressing pain points uncovered in recordings.
  3. Recordings can be used to create marketing collateral, such as customer testimonials and case studies.
  4. On-demand recordings give prospects a way to sample your product or service before they buy.
  5. They can be used to upsell and cross-sell existing customers on other products and services.
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9) Save on Production Costs

When you record a session, you can save on production costs by using the recording as a reference point. This way, you don’t have to pay for extra takes or spend time setting up and tearing down the set.

Save on Post-Production Costs: The same goes for post-production. Rather than spending hours editing your footage, you can use the recordings as a starting point.

Enhance Skills of Production Crew: If you’re working with an inexperienced crew, they will be able to work faster and more efficiently if they use the video footage that was recorded during production.

Improve Quality of Content: On top of these other benefits, it’s easier to get excellent content when you are confident that it has been captured properly in advance. Your talent will feel less anxious about their performance and will be able to take risks while performing knowing that it won’t end up being unusable footage at the end of the day. ​


Session recording is an important part of web conferencing as it enables webinar owners to use recorded versions of their event, which can then be marketed to others in the future and used as part of their sales, marketing, and lead generation efforts. Session recording also benefits attendees who may want to review the content of a past webinar for their learning or to pass it on to colleagues who weren’t able to attend the original event. Attendees who join your recorded events can also refer back to previous sessions to prepare themselves better for upcoming ones.

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1) Poor Speakers = No Insight, 2) Good Speaker = No Hit Buttons, 3) Better Recording = Higher Engagement, 4) Student Satisfaction = Better Sales, 5) Easier Fix on Problems, 6) Faster Replays with Clarity, 7) Shorter Onboarding Processes, 8) Higher Revenue from On-Demand Recordings, 9) Save on Production Costs, Conclusion

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